71 orders in 13 minutes: Officer gives Tire Nichols impossible order

When asked to comment on the officers’ actions at the traffic stop, a spokesperson for the Memphis Police Department said: “All information available at this time has been released. However, know that this investigation is still ongoing.” Memphis Police The association also said it could not comment because the investigation was still ongoing.

The Times analysis is based on footage from police bodycams and street cameras released by the city of Memphis and synced by The Times.

Here are four key moments when officers punished Mr. Nichols did not comply with the flawed order. These videos contain scenes of bloody violence.

As the footage begins, a police officer drives to the intersection where Mr. Nichols’ car was surrounded by two unmarked police cars.

The officer drew his gun and jumped out of the car to join two officers rushing to the front seat.

An officer pulls Mr. Nichols got out of the car and all three officers immediately started screaming “On the ground!”

These were the first orders in a bombardment of chaotic orders that confused Mr. Nichols and set off a chain of revenge.

gentlemen. Nichols noted that he was sitting on the ground, as the officer instructed him to do.

But multiple officers shouted the same order over and over, increasingly frustrated and physically threatening.

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“Get down on the ground!” an order. “I want to touch your ass.”

Eventually it became clear that the officers would like Mr. Nichols not only lay on the ground, but lay down.

When Mr Nichols repositioned himself, it appeared to further irritate the officers. He’s trying to show that he’s not a threat.

“You guys are really doing a lot of things right now,” he said. “I just want to go home.”

The officer pinned down his arm, pinned down his leg with a Taser, and escalated the verbal threat by yelling, mr. Nichols explodes: “I’m on the ground!”

Finally, one of the officers called out more specific instructions: “Get on your stomach.”

Three seconds later, one of the officers sprayed Mr with pepper spray. Nichols’ face.

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