A Buffalo woman went out and told her daughter she would be back soon.They found her body hundreds of feet from their home

Buffalo, New York

Casey Maccarone’s mother has always been that kind of superwoman, but even so, Maccarone was worried when Monique Alexander decided to go out on Christmas Eve.

On any other day, it would be an easy decision, but a snowstorm is coming — and one that will leave some parts of Western New York with more than 50 inches of snow.

Already feeling anxious, Maccarone checked Facebook for notices about store closures, she told CNN.

But her mother wanted to go out and Alexander, 52, said she would be right back and left without mentioning where she was going. Maccarone, who has lived with Alexander since August, said she just assumed her mom was trying to get to the store before it closed.

Alexander never returned. Her body was found just a few hundred feet from the house.

Monique Alexander is 52 years old.

“We were waiting for her to come home. But I knew right away that something was wrong, so I accepted it right away, but it was hard to know she was out for so long because no emergency personnel were allowed to go outside,” Maccarone said at her home. Said outside the door. Go home Wednesday.

Alexander has been through big winds and waves before, and she goes everywhere.

“She always felt like she was superwoman, invincible, so I assumed she just thought she could handle these situations,” Maccarone said. “Can’t really tell my mom anything, she’ll do what she wants. Just think I’m strong enough.”

Sha'Kyra Aughtry Buffalo Good Samaritan

During a deadly winter storm, she hears cries for help.Her actions saved a life

A few hours after Alexander left around 3 p.m., Maccarone posted about her mother’s condition to a Facebook group for Buffalo residents who are enduring increasingly severe weather. About 15 minutes later, a stranger texted her, describing her mother’s coat and blue jeans. She identified it as Alexander and asked him if he had seen her.

“Can I call you?” Maccarone said he asked her.

During a video chat, he immediately collapsed. The man told her that when he saw Alexander in the snow, he was trapped and walking. He removed her body from the harsh environment and placed it under the awning of a company that would not let her be buried in snow.

Later, the National Guard would retrieve her body. Alexandria was one of at least 37 deaths in Erie County, 17 of whom were found outside, officials said, though they added the total would almost certainly rise.

Maccarone said the family had lost a pillar and a person they could turn to for everything.

“My kids lost their grandmother, the most important role in her life…to be a good grandmother,” she said. “Now they only have memories.”

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