Airway Management launches custom flexTAP with groundbreaking technology

Airway Management, the world’s most researched manufacturer of custom oral appliances, has announced the launch of flexTAPan advanced laboratory-made oral appliance designed to treat patients with snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

flexTAP enters the market as the most user- and prescriber-friendly oral appliance to date. Its easily customizable design and adaptable technology removes barriers to efficient laboratory creation, timely treatment by clinicians, and effective patient use of the device to address snoring and mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

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Additionally, flexTAP is the first of its kind to utilize the new patented Apex technology combined with the flexTAP Mouth Shield Comfort Fitting to promote nasal breathing, prevent dry mouth and minimize excess saliva for extra comfort. Vertex technology is uniquely designed with no metal parts, allowing for wide advancement without the need to change hooks, the mouth can be opened both vertically and horizontally during jaw advancement.

“The Apex technique provides more mouth space for the tongue and minimizes jaw advancement,” says Dr. Keith Thornton, inventor of the Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP). “Not only can this help patients achieve better outcomes, but it can also alleviate joint effects.”

As Airway Management continues to strive for more accessible and reliable treatment options, the flexTAP trial found that clinicians experienced shorter delivery times and improved treatment outcomes while reducing prominence. Not only is the flexTAP the most convenient custom TAP to date, it is also listed as Airway Management’s most affordable custom device for clinicians and laboratories.

flexTAP addresses poor market acceptance and compliance with available oral appliances, as well as recalls 16mCPAP. Airway initially launched flexTAP through its in-house lab airway laboratorybut looking forward to rolling out through their partner labs in early 2023.

A recent webinar introducing flexTAP can be found Gentlemen.

About Airway Management Corporation

Airway Management is the world’s most independently researched oral appliance manufacturer, providing people with sleep-disordered breathing products that improve health and quality of life.

Airway Management is dedicated to providing high-quality, minimally invasive snoring and sleep apnea treatment for clinicians, healthcare professionals and laboratory technicians.

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