“Are Big Tech Hiring?” Ask Techie Fired at Google, Snap, Amazon in 4 Months

Affected by the wave of layoffs, many companies have recently laid off employees. All top companies, including Amazon, Google and Facebook, have undergone massive layoffs as they struggle to maintain swelled demand during Covid.

Laid-off workers are using social media platforms to voice their experiences and find leads for new jobs. In one such example, a software engineer revealed that he was fired by three tech giants, Google, Snap and Amazon, within the past 4 months.

In a post on the anonymous work app Blind, the techie said he or she was fired by Google just two months after joining the company. He claims he was fired from the IT industry. According to the widely circulated article, the person was fired by Snap in September and Amazon in November before joining Google. “When dealing with thousands of employees, guessing hire dates is a very reliable indicator of layoffs. But I’m not sure what to do now. I’ve been lucky to have multiple overlapping severance packages at this point, but need to find work ASAP ,” the fired software engineer wrote on Blind (sic).

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The post continued, “Are any of the big tech companies still hiring? Should I take a few months off and try again in the summer? Go to a startup? It feels like it’s inevitable that I’ll eventually be fired as a new hire anyway, so I’m not sure it’s worth looking for a job.”

As the Covid bubble burst, businesses around the world have embarked on a layoff campaign to restructure their operations and lay off workers. Especially in the tech industry, many workers are being laid off.

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