Bengals vs. Ravens scores: Live updates, game stats, highlights and analysis for the 2023 NFL playoff wild-card game

In a leadless weekend, the Baltimore Ravens bounced back from a 9-0 deficit to take a 10-9 halftime lead over the Bengals over Super Bowl wild-card weekend.

Relying on physicality on both sides of the ball, the visiting Ravens got back into the game after being held in check for the first 15 minutes. Baltimore responded with 17 plays early in the second quarter on a 7-yard touchdown catch by Ja’Marr Chase and a 2-yard touchdown catch by JK Dobbins to end the game. In the first half, Dobbins and teammate Gus Edwards combined for 61 yards and 14 carries.

When rookie Kyle Hamilton forced a fumble from tight end Hayden Hurst, Baltimore’s tough defense gave the ball to the offense. The pick gave Justin Tucker the field goal lead just before halftime. Baltimore outscored Cincinnati 112-20 in the second quarter after beating Cincinnati 107-25 in the first quarter.

After struggling early, Baltimore’s defense eventually settled in by putting pressure on Burrow, who lost another offensive lineman when Jonah Williams left the game in the second quarter. Burrow went 14-of-19 for 122 yards in the first half, with three straight sacks.

Which team will come out on top Sunday night? Check out our live blog after launch for details.

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