Biden administration and DOE award $100 million to Group14 Technologies to strengthen U.S. supply chain for advanced battery materials manufacturing

Group14 to use funds to further scale up its battery active materials factory Washington State Accelerate battery production and strengthen U.S. supply chain

Woodville, Washington., October 19 January 2022 /PRNewswire/—— Group14 TechnologyThe world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of silicon battery technology announced today that it has been selected as the recipient of the first batch of projects funded by President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure law to expand domestic battery manufacturing for electric vehicles and the grid.As a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chain (MESC) honoree, Group14 will receive $100 million Used in battery material processing and battery manufacturing to support surging demand for electric vehicles and energy storage.

Following the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure law, the U.S. Department of Energy is deploying its first phase of more than $7 billion Total investment to promote the production of advanced battery technologies critical to strengthening the clean energy industry. MESC’s portfolio of projects will leverage support from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Vehicle Technology Office It will focus on domestic processing of materials and components currently imported from overseas to enhance U.S. economic competitiveness, energy dependence and national security. As part of the investment, the U.S. Department of Energy has sought qualified proposals from battery materials manufacturers seeking to create new, retrofitted and expanded domestic plants to produce battery materials, and has selected Group14 to provide commercial-scale manufacturing for its established modular manufacturing approach. Lithium-silicon battery material.

Group14 launched its first commercial-scale battery active materials plant (BAM-1) in 2018 Woodinville, Washington exist April 2021. BAM-1 is designed to produce 120 tons per year of Group14’s flagship silicon-carbon cell technology SCC55™ and currently serves more than 60 customers, representing 90% of global cell production.To meet the rapidly growing market, Group14 proposes $400 million Led by Porsche AG to finance its second U.S. BAM plant (BAM-2) in Moses Lake, WashingtonThe BAM-2 is designed for modular manufacturing, and each module will have an annual production capacity of 2,000 tons, equivalent to powering at least 100,000 electric vehicles.

“With this latest award from the Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chain, Group14 continues our proud history of partnering with the DOE to strengthen the U.S. battery supply chain,” said Group14 CTO and co-founder Dr. Rick Costantino.

Group14 will use DOE funds to build two 2,000-tonne-per-year commercial manufacturing modules in BAM-2.With a fast implementation timeline, Group14 expects to employ 500 people to build, commission and operate BAM-2, recruiting from a pool of technical talent interested in clean energy jobs Moses Lake, Washington.

“Achieving President Biden’s ambitious decarbonization goals depends on a resilient battery supply chain based on American soil to ensure our energy independence,” said Rick Lube, CEO and co-founder of Group14. “As our footprint in the Pacific Northwest continues to expand, we are heeding the call for ‘all-America’ batteries with an unwavering commitment to building a complete end-to-end domestic battery supply chain to help America electrify Stay ahead of the race.”

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Group14’s breakthrough technology in silicon cells is designed to enable the upcoming electrification of everything and enhance the performance of all applications to accelerate the global transition to an all-electric future. Group14 currently operates a commercial-scale battery active materials factory in China Washington State with two upcoming factories: one in South Korea As part of a joint venture with SK Group (coming online in 2022) and a second US factory (coming online in 2023).To date, Group14 has proposed $441 million Financing from Porsche AG, OMERS Capital Markets, Decarbonization Partners, Riverstone Holdings LLC, Vsquared Ventures, Moore Strategic Ventures, Amperex Technology Limited (ATL), BASF, Cabot Corporation, Showa Denko, OVP Venture Partners and SK Inc.visit us

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