BroadStreet Partners Appoints New CEO

“Mike’s extensive experience in the insurance brokerage industry and his strategic vision will be a tremendous asset to BroadStreet and its core partners,” said Rick Miley, Executive Chairman of BroadStreet. “As we continue to expand our capabilities, Mike’s leadership will help us further Strengthen our industry leadership, accelerate our growth, and strengthen our ability to bring innovative solutions to our partners. “

Current Chief Executive Officer Ken Kirk will assume the newly created role of Vice Chairman. Kirk will also assume his new role beginning January 1. 1.

“I joined BroadStreet because of its unique partnership approach and differentiated co-ownership business model,” O’Connor said. “Core agency partners were attracted to BroadStreet because it was the best model for successful entrepreneurs: our partners had operational autonomy while we provided long-term financial stability, succession solutions, support for organic and acquisition growth and Opportunities to accelerate proxy value create wealth for our equity partners.

“BroadStreet faces significant opportunity and I am honored to assume the role of CEO. I am excited to continue working with Rick and Ken, who are critical to our continued success.”

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“I’m excited to take on the work ahead of us to further strengthen BroadStreet’s partnerships and geographic footprint,” Kirk said. “Our ability to help accelerate our partners’ growth is compelling; following our partnership, we Seeing agencies growing in the mid-single digits, being the top growers at 20%-25%.”

“In addition to bringing on board a number of key partners, Ken has been instrumental in advancing BroadStreet’s organic growth strategy and leading the development of scalable business opportunities among our partners,” said Miley. “Our Board is grateful that Ken has agreed to serve as Vice Chairman.”

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