Business leaders speak in Spencer County

CHRISNEY, Ind. (WEHT) — Hundreds of people showed up for lunch in Spencer County, where a conversation about labor was the main menu item.

The annual meeting of the Spencer County Economic Development Department in Krisney was packed Friday. This year’s theme is “Workforce”.

Guests were invited to hear from several of the region’s top business leaders – Ivy Tech President Daniela Vidal, Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari President and CEO Matt Eckert, and Deaconess Linda White of the Healthcare System.

“A lot of it is also your relationship with your manager, your leader, your supervisor, who you report to,” says Linda White. “It’s about workforce scheduling. Some people do 12-hour shifts. Some people do 10-hour shifts. We also try to promote education through tuition reimbursement. We’re trying to take everything out of the hat and try to do something unique and tough things.”

Recruitment and retention is an important discussion during the meeting. Vidal talked about serving non-traditional students. Holiday World is looking to build housing for internationally recruited staff.

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