Businesses still rebuilding 9 months after Gaylord tornado

Gaylord 9Nine months ago, a tornado hit Gaylord, destroying many homes and businesses. “The storm came, the sirens went off, and we all took cover,” recalls a Gaylord resident.

Bill Teichman was out of town when the tornado hit nine months ago, but he rushed home to assess the damage.he told us he sawSome quick photos and decided to go into town to find the damage. He rented an apartment in Gaylord and said the property had “a 2 by 4 foot run across the side of the building with broken windows and then debris everywhere.” “

He worked hard to clear the property quickly, but a business next door was still damaged, causing tenants to complain about the view. “It took them about a week to clean the area. But they still haven’t done anything with the building,” Teichman said. As many businesses in Gaylord rebuild and reopen, he hopes owners will restore their buildings, too. he said “tThis city needs to do something. The owners need to do something to clean it up. Everyone in Gaylord is working hard to bring the town back together, and we’ve got it sitting here. “

With so much work done in those 9 months, many people in the community have continued to restore these homes and businesses. He told us “mMost businesses have all but reopened. Some that are still damaged need to be demolished. “He knows Gaylord is a strong community and the past few months of working together to rebuild it has made a big difference.

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