Capella Space Launches New Business Unit Focused on the US Defense Market

Capella Federal to Provide Synthetic Capture Radar Imagery Exclusively to Government Clients

WASHINGTON – Capella Space has launched a new business unit, Capella Federal, to focus on the defense market.

The company announced on January 31 that it would “provide increased Earth observation access to selected US defense customers”.

Capella Space is a commercial operator of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging satellites. SAR, a specialized form of remote sensing technology, has grown in demand since Russia invaded Ukraine because SAR satellites can capture images at night, through clouds and rain—conditions that would impair traditional optical satellites.

Capella Federal will exclusively provide imagery to government clients, and its analysts will work in classified facilities.

Eric Traupe, a retired US Marine Corps officer and former assistant director of the CIA, was named to head Capella Federal.

The company also announced new additions to its government advisory board, including former Defense Intelligence Agency director and retired Army Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley, and former U.S. Special Operations Command director of operations Clayton Hertmacher.

Existing board members include Doug Loverro, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for space policy, Jill Klinger, former deputy secretary of defense, and Jeffrey Harris, former director of the National Reconnaissance Office.

Capella Space, recently closed a $60 million Funding round, signed Agreement with the National Reconnaissance Officeand has won contracts from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Space Force.

The company hopes to further expand its presence in the national security market. “With Capella’s technology, government agencies can collect data and imagery of Earth in any weather, at any time of day or night,” said Payam Banazadeh, CEO and founder of Capella Space.

In the wake of the Ukraine crisis, “we’ve seen significant demand from US government customers to utilize Capella’s SAR capabilities,” Banazadeh said.

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