Check Out This New ‘Double Layer’ Snowboard Technology

Screenshot of double layer design on DOUBLEDECK

Screenshot: DOUBLEDECK


Interesting news from the ISPO Munich sports trade show: DOUBLEDECK Snowboards claims to have invented a technology that improves board performance in all categories.

“Easier for beginners, better for everyone else,” said Andreas Kramer, “Mastermind and Inventor” of DOUBLEDECK, in an interview with

He’s also vague about what the new technology is, and the DOUBLEDECK website is just a 20-second video. But from the few details he’s willing to provide — and a glimpse in the video — the innovation appears to center on a curved bridge that screws onto the top of the ski.

In the interview, Kramer claimed that the secret lies in the bridge’s “shape, preload and flexible connection to the skis”. It looks like this invention will definitely add some bounce to the ride. Cramer also claimed that the main platform, which he dubs “the motherboard,” uses advanced proprietary material technology.


Kramer is a longtime player in the European sporting goods industry, from skateboards to snow skates (where the technology may have been born) to snowboards. Snowboarding technology hasn’t changed much in the past decade or so (some argue that bindings have made the most progress in pedaling and backcountry settings). Whether Cramer’s innovation bears fruit is up for debate. Let us know what you think!

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