Crain’s Extra: 2nd Annual Turkey Awards Honoring Business Mistakes of 2022



Sam Bankman-Fried. Michael Lewis, author liar’s poker and big short, hanging out with 2022 lord-high turkey for six months before FTX crashed.I bet this book will be Harpo speaks!a memoir published by the Marx Brothers in 1961.

mark Zuckerberg. Social network is a good movie about the origins of Facebook.For a sequel, you can’t go wrong Honey, I’ve Lost $500 Billion In Market Value. No one knows what a turkey is like in the metaverse, but Zuckerberg is definitely a turkey here and now.

Liz Truss. She will be remembered for having such a dire “mini-budget” that she managed to squeeze in only a handful of weekends at Checkers, the country residence of every British prime minister since David Lloyd George. Who knew borrowing money in a devalued currency to fund tax cuts for the wealthiest could be such a stupid idea?

Robert Cahally. He is the founder of the Trafalgar Group, and pollsters who predicted Donald Trump would win in 2016 were dead wrong in 2020 and gave Lee Zeldin a 1-point lead over the governor. Kathy Hochul is heading into Election Day. She won by 6 percent in a race that other polls suggested was within the statistical margin of error. Misreading New York voters so badly earned Cahaly some deli turkey that didn’t include rye bread or brown mustard.

Cathy Wood. Investors in her “Innovation Fund” have lost 60% of their money this year, so Wood is blaming the Fed’s monetary policy for destroying her previous $50 billion portfolio. Let’s reward her for the attention she gets through the PR stunt and give her the turkey of the year award.

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