De Garde Brewing celebrates 10th anniversary with big Ol’ beer festival

In its nearly 10-year existence, Tillamook’s de Garde Brewing has always let the beer speak for itself.

The business has never hosted a major festival or turned to a marketing blitz to lure drinkers to a corner of the Oregon coast where wild yeasts thrive and harvest properties from flowing estuaries and Pacific brines, then spontaneously ferment de Garde’s world-class beer.

However, this important party part is about to change. Today, brewery founders Trevor and Linsey Rogers announced they will celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary with a festive event this spring.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 6, from noon to 6pm at the Port Garibaldi event space overlooking Tillamook Bay. At the scenic outdoor sanctuary, you’ll be able to sample a variety of de Garde beers chilled and fermented in refrigerated vessels – if you’ve never seen one of these before, imagine open-topped vessels a bit like shallow bathtubs – then Aged in oak barrels not only for months but often for years. You can expect plenty of new releases, a selection of brews from the brewery’s extensive archives, and bottled beers for sale.

If that alone makes you ask, “When and where can I get tickets?” and so on. there are more.

De Garde invited nearly two dozen other breweries to roll out special editions at the party. Names include Belgium’s famous Brasserie Cantillon, Seattle’s Mount Holy, Vermont’s Hill Farmstead and Oregon’s own Block 15, just to name a few. Each brewery is a friend de Garde has made during his 10 years in business.

The event is as much a celebration of beer as it is of place, as views of the bay and food vendors including Sea Baron Fish & Chips, Nestucca Bay Creamery, Jandy Oyster Co. and Garibaldi Portside Bistro represent the region’s diverse cuisine . Live music is also on the schedule.

De Garde may be best known for its funky beers, but in recent years Rogers has branched out into the wine business under the de Garde Cellars brand. As with beer, their aim is to make wines that are appropriate for a specific time and place, and they produce them with low intervention, using grapes and native yeasts from the region’s premium vineyards.

If de Garde was still in an industrial area near the massive Tillamook Aviation Museum when you last visited, you’re too late. Grab tickets to the anniversary gala, then head to the beautiful tasting room in downtown Tillamook, which opened in 2017.

Tickets will go on sale online starting February 2 at 9:00 a.m. ET. 6.

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