DTP Thermoelectrics Receives Patent for Basic Thermoelectric Technology

Pasadena, California –(Business Wire)–DTP Thermoelectrics has been awarded a patent that opens the door to solid state deep cooling thermal management. The patent is based on theoretical and analytical models that have been validated through the fabrication and characterization of thermoelectric devices using distributed transport properties (DTP) thermoelectric materials.

Sample testing using standard protocols demonstrated significant increases in maximum cooling temperature, efficiency (COP), and cooling power, confirming that DTP devices can be cooled to lower temperatures, resulting in improved performance and functionality. Until now, these features were only possible with larger and heavier mechanical cooling systems.

“There is no better-performing thermoelectric material system than what we have fabricated with DTP technology,” Dr. Dr. said. Lon E. Bell, President and Chief Executive Officer. “This mass-producible, proprietary technology increases cooling capacity with greater efficiency than other thermoelectric devices. DTP technology has the potential to improve lidar, infrared sensors, electronics, cold chain storage, medical devices, battery thermal management and vision The system’s cooling and thermal management system performance and potential for cost-effectiveness.”

“Our technology benefits in part from recent advances in the fabrication of semiconductor materials,” said Dr. Douglas Crane, Chief Technology Officer. “Using modifications to available thermoelectric materials and advanced fabrication techniques, we can generate precise performance outputs. By starting with our more efficient thermoelectric systems and controlling the relationship between power density and COP achieved by DTP technology, we Performance can be tailored to specific applications.”

The “Thermoelectric System Using Distributed Transport Properties to Improve Cooling and Heating Performance” patent (USPTO No. 11,421,919) covers DTP technology and its ability to improve the cooling and heating performance of solid-state heat pumps.See patent details Gentlemen.

For more information on DTP Thermoelectrics, visit https://dtpthermoelectrics.com.

About DTP Thermoelectric

DTP Thermoelectrics is focused on creating proprietary next-generation thermoelectric technologies to improve thermal management in a wide range of product segments – including electric vehicles, electronic components, cold chain portable coolers, medical devices, HVAC equipment and emerging applications.

Our engineers are developing solid-state cooling and heating systems based on our patented Distributed Transport Characterization (DTP) thermoelectric technology, which provides up to 30% efficiency improvement and up to 100% capacity compared to traditional thermoelectric material systems promote. In many cases, these advances will, for the first time, allow the use of small, lightweight solid-state systems to address new thermal management challenges.

For more information on DTP Thermoelectrics, visit https://dtpthermoelectrics.com.

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