Eagles score vs. Cowboys, takeaway: Philadelphia delays Dallas comeback, remains undefeated

PHILADELPHIA — The Dallas Cowboys made things more interesting than they had the right to do, but the Philadelphia Eagles ended up staying perfect on Sunday night, beating their division rivals 26-17 to improve their record to 6-0.

The Eagles used a monster to propel their win in the second quarter, and they scored 20 points in that stretch. Philadelphia intercepted Cooper Rush 3 times on the night, allowing him to 18 of 38 passes for 181 yards and 1 point in addition to three picks.

Dallas got back into the game with a strong run and game pass early in the third and fourth quarters, but a 13-game, 75-yard touchdown by the Eagles put the game behind the clock by 7:37 Finally almost put things away. If that didn’t make it, then Rush’s third interception — on the next drive — certainly did.

Jalen Hurts didn’t make much progress in the air (15 for 25 for 155 yards), but he did a good job offsetting the pass with his legs, and his threat to take off resulted in multiple high-quality runs from the running back , especially Miles Sanders. He also found that AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith both scored touchdowns for Nick Sirianni’s well-crafted game.

Philadelphia retained the top spot in the NFC East with the win, while the loss left Dallas in third place, 4-2 behind the Giants.

Why the Eagles won

They took advantage of an opponent who made several mistakes, and they relied on game design to win the battle against aggressive defenses. As mentioned earlier, Rush was intercepted 3 times. The Cowboys also turned the ball over in the second quarter. On several occasions, they’ve had a read option or a run-and-run option designed to take advantage of the Cowboys’ aggressive frontcourt passing craze to get a player like AJ Brown into the tie for catch-and-run opportunities.

why the Cowboys lost

They came back, they took too many penalties, they didn’t have enough offensive firepower to keep up with the Eagles, and they couldn’t stop the run or RPO play with the big three. Rush has yet to make an interception this season and has been sent off three times. Dallas was fouled 10 times for 72 yards. Rush averaged 4.8 yards per attempt. The Phillies had the ball at 34:30 and converted multiple key third downs.

turning point

We’re going to have two dramas that may already be unknown. The first is the last game of the first quarter. The Eagles and Cowboys were tied 0-0 and Philadelphia had a third and 12 with 46 seconds left at Dallas’ 18-yard line. Hurts completed an 8-yard pass to AJ Brown, and the Hawks rushed to the free throw line, pretending to play at 4 and 4, even though they didn’t have to steal the ball before the end of the game. quarter. Hurts’ tough count drew Dante Fowler Jr. offside, gave the Eagles the lead and led to Miles Sanders’ opening touchdown in the second quarter.

The Cowboys had a chance to cut into the lead after Philadelphia went 14-0 in the second quarter. On the third and 9th line on their own 26-yard line, Rush completed a pass to CeeDee Lamb in the middle. At first, Lamb appeared to have gained enough yards to make the first drop, but the linesman then changed positions and flagged him for a short run. Rather than watch the replay and challenge it (Lamb apparently got it first), the Cowboys quickly got up and made a pirated call for Rush, who threw in the coverage and was incomplete. The Eagles then extended their lead to 17-0.

Highlight Play

Probably the best individual game of the night was the joke Enter the end zone from Cowboys tight end Jack Ferguson.The most crafted game comes from the Eagles, Devonta Smith fakes a draft route, then steps up into the end zone, Jaylen gets hurt Find him for easy scoring.

But for the highlights, we have to pick Philadelphia’s three Rush picks. The first two were forced throws to unopened receivers, while the third was a game that was hit when Rush let go.

what’s next

The Eagles enter Week 7 bye as the NFL’s only undefeated team. When they return in Week 8, they will host the Steelers. The Cowboys are 4-2 and head home next week against the Detroit Lions in what could be Dak Prescott’s first game since breaking his thumb in Week 1.

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