Embraer says Gulf business boom drives interest in light aircraft

Stephen Friedrich, Chief Commercial Officer, Embraer Executive Jets (Static A26), said Embraer’s activities in the Middle East have Significant rebound.

“We think this area has great potential,” Friedrich told ain At the MEBAA show. “It’s been a steady source of revenue and sales for us. But we do think that what’s happening as the economy continues to develop is very favorable for the use of business aviation assets. We’re seeing that not just in the Middle East, but in the surrounding regions saw that too.”

The economic rebound from the pandemic has been driven by growth in a range of businesses — including financial services, real estate, tourism and oil — which in turn has changed the dynamics of business aviation. “In the past, there was a lot of demand for ultra-long-range aircraft here. There are still some. But we’re seeing mild, moderate and ultra-moderate demand here now,” he said.

This demand has spread to various countries in the Middle East and India, he added. As for India, growth will still depend on the regulatory environment, but “we’re seeing strong demand signals there.”

Friedrich noted that Embraer’s Phenom light and mid-duty Praetor models are particularly well-suited for the Indian subcontinent because of their robust airframes designed for high utilization. Also in Saudi Arabia, the planes have access to airports with shorter runways.

“That’s why we brought the Phenom 300E here [to MEBAA] Because we see demand in the region,” Friedrich said, adding that both individual and fleet buyers are interested in the Gulf.

The return of the MEBAA show reflects the growth in business activity in the region. Friedrich said that while there were no order announcements planned during the show, “quality decision makers were at the event. It was a positive show.”

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