Equinix and NUS Energy Research and Technology Centre collaborate to advance hydrogen technology in data centres

Singapore and redwood city, california, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Continue efforts to advance the sustainability of digital infrastructure and achieve climate neutrality by 2030 consistent with science-based goals, Equinix, Inc. (NASDAQ: EQIX) today announced a partnership with the Center for Energy Research and Technology (CERT) National University of Singapore The (NUS) School of Design and Engineering explores technologies for using hydrogen as a green fuel source for mission-critical data center infrastructure.

Equinix and CERT will jointly launch the world’s first research project to compare the technical efficiency of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells and fuel-flex linear generators. PEM fuel cells are a major contender for hydrogen, and fuel-flexible linear generators allow operators to easily switch between a variety of clean fuel options, including hydrogen, biogas and a variety of renewable liquid fuels. Adopting these technologies can enable data centers to reduce carbon emissions while meeting the growing demand for data, colocation and interconnection services.

The research collaboration between Equinix and CERT will involve an overall assessment of the suitability of these technologies for tropical data centers, taking into account local climatic conditions, site constraints, power needs, supply chains, fuel storage capacity, and local regulatory policies.

The research initiative is under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the two partners earlier this year. Under the MoU, CERT will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the technologies identified in partnership with Equinix to determine their operational viability at scale. Based on the findings, Equinix expects to develop proof-of-concept projects within its global data center network for real-world testing and support for incorporation into future data center designs.in driving innovation SingaporeEquinix and CERT’s partnership aims to accelerate disruptive technologies that can reduce the carbon footprint of data centers around the world, especially in the tropics.

This partnership is part of Equinix future priority The strategy underscores the company’s commitment to a green digital economy. Green hydrogen has been identified as a viable source of sustainable energy for data centers. However, industrial-scale hydrogen production is still several years away from commercial viability, so it is imperative to evaluate and adopt alternatives even as global research and development continues.

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Yi Meiliangmanaging Director, South AsiaEquinix
“Data centres are a conduit for driving the digital economy, and the greening of their operations can drive the rise of sustainable business across the wider economy. Working with like-minded partners such as the NUS Energy Research and Technology Centre allows us to integrate experience and expertise to foster the growth of the digital economy in accordance with environmental obligations, benefiting the data center industry, the global economy and the planet.”

Associate Professor Li BaoshengDirector, Centre for Energy Research and Technology, Faculty of Design and Engineering, National University of Singapore
“Sustainability is an important pillar of the global economy. To complement public sector efforts, timely progress will also require collaboration with stakeholders in the private sector and academia. We are keen to work with industry partners such as Equinix, whose potential Continuing development efforts and providing us with access to a global network of data centers that can serve as a test bed for more accurate assessment of operational viability. Through this partnership, we look forward to driving forward applicable green data center innovation work on Singapore and globally. “

Reaffirming Equinix’s commitment to creating a more sustainable future for the environment, the company has received a number of sustainability awards worldwide. Asia-Pacific area. In 2022, Equinix is ​​named Asian Green Company of the Year at the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards, Singapore Data Centre Services Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan, and Green Innovation in the Multinational Corporation category at the Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards 2022.

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  • Under this collaboration, Equinix and NUS CERT will conduct a comprehensive analysis to compare two clean on-site power generation technologies for future data centers. These technologies include:
    • PEM fuel cells are gaining popularity due to their ability to generate electricity from hydrogen and oxygen. Some designs can also run the process in reverse to produce pure hydrogen for future use only with water and electricity.
    • Fuel-flexible linear generators provide the ability to switch between fuels such as hydrogen, biogas, and various renewable liquid fuels, enabling the installation of infrastructure that can easily adapt to changing market developments, enhancing organizational agility.
  • Equinix is ​​the first company in the data center industry to commit to becoming climate neutral by 2030, aligned with approved science-based goals to reduce emissions from global operations and supply chains. In addition, Equinix continues to evaluate on-site solar opportunities, on-site power generation from fuel cells, and any other distributed low-carbon technologies that align with its overall strategy.
  • Equinix’s renewable energy coverage has exceeded 90% since 2018. In 2021, the company achieved 95% renewable energy coverage. Equinix increased our renewable energy purchases by 16% (on a GWh basis) compared to the same period last year.
  • Earlier this year, Equinix announced the opening of its first Co-Innovation Facility (CIF) at the DC15 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center located on the Equinix Ashburn campus in Washington, USA. Washington DC area. CIF, an integral part of its Future Data Center initiative, is a new capability that enables innovation partners to collaborate with Equinix to experiment and develop methods that can be used to help define the future of digital infrastructure and services.

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Equinix (NASDAQ: EQIX) is a global digital infrastructure company. Digital leaders leverage Equinix’s trusted platform to consolidate and interconnect infrastructure at software speed. Equinix enables organizations to access all the right locations, partners and possibilities to scale with agility, accelerate the rollout of digital services, deliver world-class experiences and add value, while supporting their sustainability goals.

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