Escalent decodes trust in technology to help brands build

Livonia, Michigan, October 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Escalante, an award-winning human behavior analysis and consulting firm, cracks the code on the complex topic of trust in technology and how brands can effectively build consumer trust in technology to drive products, services and experiences that make the world a better place people. .

Recognizing the complexity and importance of technology trust, Escalent created Tech TrustBuilderâ„¢, a solution that simplifies the complex subject of technology trust into accessible, measurable and solvable insights that allow brands to engage with consumers virtually in all industries. A scientifically validated framework – based on behavioral science principles, advanced data analysis, and an extensive review of the academic literature on trust and technology – Tech TrustBuilder breaks down technology trust into three components: Capability, Process, and Intent.

Specifically, Tech TrustBuilder uses a series of proprietary questions to assess:

  • Capability: Perception of technical capability.
  • Process: The way a technology achieves its goals.
  • Intent: The ultimate purpose of the technology.

A leader in the automotive and mobility industry, Escalent used this new tool to conduct an ongoing study of consumer trust in the company’s self-driving vehicle (AV), which it launched four years ago. Tech TrustBuilder’s survey results show consumer trust in AV technology scoring 50 out of 100. Against the background of research supported by previous years, this suggests that consumer trust in the technology has plateaued, and further building trust will require significant additional effort by automakers.

In addition, Escalent found clear, consistent differences between consumers with high and low trust in technology. The study examined respondents’ ratings of AV technology trust in relation to capability, process and intent, and found that capability had the greatest impact on trust at 47%, process at 32% and intent at 21%. As such, the Tech TrustBuilder tool distinguishes the impact between these three independent factors – providing policymakers with important insights into the different elements of trust and where to direct their efforts for maximum impact.

“Technology designed to make the world a better place can only work if people believe it can be trusted,” said Gwen Ishmael, Senior Vice President and Head of Escalent’s Human Experience Center of Excellence. “Tech TrustBuilder not only helps brands understand whether people trust a particular technology, but also reveals what needs to be done to gain that trust and drive adoption.”

Tech TrustBuilder uses key driver analysis to provide a granular diagnostic understanding of trust. Brands can use the resulting insights as the basis for technology benchmarks, investment priorities, product development plans, and campaigns aimed at increasing usage and persuading trials.

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About Tech TrustBuilderâ„¢
From August 2021 to January 2022, Escalent interviewed a national sample of approximately 4,300 consumers 18 and older. Respondents were recruited from Dynata’s opt-in online panel of American adults and conducted online interviews. Quotas are in place to obtain a sample of age, gender, income and ethnicity that matches U.S. demographics. At the 95% confidence level, the data have a margin of error of 1 percentage point. Escalent will provide the precise wording of any survey questions upon request.

About Escalante
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