Ford County girl launches business turning feed bags into shopping bags

Wichita, Kansas (KWCH) – A 12-year-old girl near Bucklin recently started a creative endeavor that has grown into a successful business. Larrah Feikert makes reusable shopping bags from old animal feed bags. Unique designs are in high demand. Fechter worked hard during the holidays to run her business independently.

The 12-year-old said she does rely on her mom to connect with clients on social media. During her short business career, she already had a system in place to quickly make and ship shopping bags.

“I wash them, then cut them to the right length, and plant them,” she explains.

Then she delivers or ships them. She built an audience that went beyond Kansas.

“I’ve had a few in Pennsylvania and Colorado, but mostly in southwestern Kansas,” she said of the customers she’s had.

Feikert started selling handmade bags while working on another business. Reusable shopping bags are just the latest addition to her youthful portfolio.

“I sell rabbits,” Fechter said. “When I posted about a litter of litter on Facebook, I saw other people doing it and I thought I could do it because we have so many animals going through so many feed bags.”

Feikert said she plans to continue her business after the new school year restarts.

You can learn more about Feikert’s business and see the products she makes Cyclone Farms Facebook Page.

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