Gary Payton II is amazingly aware of Klay Thompson’s 3-pointer

Warriors fans at Chase Center could feel it coming, and injured Portland Trail Blazers guard Gary Payton II could see it coming.

Klay Thompson’s 3-pointer with 1:36 left gave the Warriors a 118-112 victory over the Trail Blazers on Friday night, and GP2’s reaction as the shot was about to hit said it all.

Payton, who has not played this season, stood on the sidelines and began turning away just before Thompson shot. The 3-pointer put the Warriors on a 12-0 run, turning Portland’s 110-102 lead into a 114-110 Golden State advantage.

Thompson and the Warriors beat the Blazers 30-16 in the fourth quarter, erasing an 11-point deficit for their fourth straight win.

The 3-pointer was one of seven made by Thompson on the night for 31 points. He made 11 of 22 shots and 7 of 15 three-pointers while grabbing four rebounds, dishing out two assists and scoring eight points in the win.

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Thompson found the rhythm he’s been looking for, and GP2 culminated in a stellar performance from the five-time NBA All-Star on Friday night.

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