Golf Stadium, local restaurants see warm weather business growth-NBC Connecticut

The temperature on Thursday is close to 70 degrees, and the mild weather helps local companies that rely on outdoor activities.

Doris Rubasky’s Doris Rubasky said: “We go outside, it’s beautiful, we say, ‘We need to eat outside.’

Record temperature in November. According to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, 3 is 78 degrees, fixed in 1990.

“This is dreamy. This is a gift, but a bit terrible.”

In New Tinton, the higher temperature helped the Rooster Co. In their first season, there was a new backyard.

Jon Martin, manager and owner of Rooster Co., said: “We have exceeded people’s expectations of people who come out and hang out outside.”

A few miles away, the corporate ecosystem of West Hartford gastric parks also experienced similar later success.

“We have on -site music performances every Sunday every Sunday when Astropark’s common owner. When they can perform outside, it is always better, so it does expand our external music cycle.”

Shari Vikmanis said between gastric parks, food trucks and breeding coffee roasting plants that these places have a symbiotic relationship. Therefore, if the weather is helpful, it is indeed helpful for them.

“Compared with rain, cloudy days, and cool days, the sales of better days have greatly increased, so warm weather will definitely help us,” said Joseph Prazella, a common owner of Perkatory Coffee Roasters.

Although some restaurants are paying high temperatures, the local golf course is the same.

“Basically, this is a reward,” the Rockledge Golf Course Assistant Pro Josh Moses said. “Obviously, most of our income occurred in summer and spring, but at any time they can play well in November, which is very useful for business. This is very useful for business.

This is not to say that the cold temperature will prevent people like Wethersfield. Louis Visone is almost 18 holes.

“Oh, I played until snow. I have a 40 -degree cut, no wind.” Visone said.

But not everyone is so enthusiastic. Therefore, for the RockLedge Golf Club, the weather in the blue sky and pleasant weather, this Sunday’s annual food storage room championship will not be better.

Moses said: “Players have brought donations, food, money, no matter what they can do, and then gaining profits from the game, this is a very good event.”

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