Hikvision Releases Evolution eDVR Series Using eSSD Technology

Hangzhou, China, October 12 December 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hikvision recently added the eDVR series to its expanding portfolio of security solutions for small and medium businesses. Hikvision’s eDVR uses embedded solid-state drive (eSSD) technology, which is compact, durable, easy-to-use and energy-efficient. All of this means they are ideal for small to medium business and residential applications.

“The eDVR series is smarter, faster, more durable and more energy efficient than anything ever before, not only helping to minimize negative environmental impact, but also delivering significant energy and cost savings to our customers” said Zhou WensenHikvision Product Director.

New possibilities for efficiency and sustainability

1) Environmental protection and energy saving 45%

The ultra-low power consumption of chip-level eSSD makes Hikvision eDVR more sustainable. Since these devices do not have a built-in spindle motor engine, their energy consumption is 45% lower than that of traditional DVRs, which can not only help users save long-term electricity bills, but also reduce carbon emissions.

Additionally, the use of eSSD makes the product more durable than traditional DVRs that use HDD drives. This is because there are fewer moving parts, such as actuator arms. With a longer product life cycle, the eDVR series contributes to eco-efficiency and sustainability.

2) Persistent storage, efficiency increased by 25%

Hikvision eDVR adopts “eSSD” technology, adopts chip-level solid-state storage components, and has excellent storage efficiency and system stability. The storage efficiency of the eDVR series is further improved through the “Scene Adaptive Bit Rate Control Technology”, which automatically optimizes the encoding of video clips, increasing the encoding efficiency by 25%. Specifically, complex scenes with human or vehicle movement are assigned higher bit rates to ensure excellent video quality. At the same time, lower bitrates are allocated for low-complexity scenes with little or no motion to optimize storage efficiency.

3) Compact design, easy to use and easy to install

If the eDVR is embedded in the SSD and has a “screwless” design, it can be installed without tools. Additionally, these devices are also easier to assemble and set up without the traditional horizontal mounting requirements of traditional hard drives. Due to the ease and flexibility of installation, both end customers and installers save time and reduce maintenance and operating costs.

Compared to traditional SSD DVRs, Hikvision’s eDVRs are very compact, helping to save space. They can be placed anywhere – whether it’s behind a monitor, under a desk, on a bookshelf, or hidden inside a custom stand.

4) Intelligent motion detection

The eDVR family is embedded with Motion Detection 2.0 technology that can distinguish people and vehicles from other objects in any given environment, enabling owners to respond to potential security breaches faster and more effectively. The technology also enables owners to search for video clips based on the appearance of people or vehicles during a specific time period, saving time and reducing their workload and costs.

Valid for residential and SMB applications

The innovative features of the Hikvision eDVR series make these solutions equally effective for residential, SME and commercial applications. In all cases, end customers will benefit from a simple and flexible installation process, low energy consumption, minimal maintenance requirements, and high performance video capture, storage and processing.

The compact format of the Hikvision eDVR also adds to the versatility of the solution. For example, eDVRs can be easily installed into homes. The storage drives for these devices operate with little noise or vibration and generate very little heat, making them ideal for residential applications. These advantages, along with the economics, functionality and sustainability of the eDVR, also make this product line ideal for small and medium businesses such as convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, workshops, bars, and more.

For more information about the eDVR series, please visit the Hikvision official website.

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