Huntsville City Schools rolls out new campus safety technology

Huntsville, Alabama (WHNT) — Huntsville City Schools (HCS) is rolling out new technology to address school safety concerns after two students from different schools brought guns to classrooms last week.

The school system said it would roll out Evolv Technology, described as an “advanced weapons detection and screening system” that would add an extra layer of security to students and staff.

“We want students, staff and families to feel comfortable coming to our campuses so they can focus on our core teaching business,” said HCS Director Christie Finley.

The technology, already used at sporting events across the country, will be rotated throughout the school system.

“Just as we’re used to security protocols at airports, concerts and sporting events, we’re taking the same approach in schools,” Finley said. “We ask families to support this effort, as the most effective weapons detection occurs before students set foot on campus.”

HCS claims to be the first school district in Alabama to implement the system.

The school system said parents should check students’ backpacks every morning before class. Like last week, students face “the highest level of disciplinary action, including expulsion,” if they are caught carrying a weapon on campus.

Last week’s incident involved two students from different schools bringing guns to campus. Officials told News 19 that the two students will be disciplined in accordance with the district’s behavioral learning guidelines. Police said they would not be involved in any search or disciplinary proceedings.

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