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With the cannabis industry being hit particularly hard by daily headlines of economic turmoil, write-downs and mass layoffs by technology companies, Hytiva® is paving the way for steady growth and value-driven products, setting a new standard for tech companies in the cannabis industry, Building on old principles and time-tested promises to build the solutions the cannabis industry needs.

Miami, January 27, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Daily news of economic turmoil, write-downs and mass layoffs is rapidly spreading across the technology landscape, with the cannabis industry being hit particularly hard. Early entrants into the cannabis tech space are defined by companies with a strong focus on valuation growth through expensive acquisitions and news of scaling up to meet wild forecasts. Their lack of focus on actual products, services, and financial stability is now quickly exposed. Hytiva® has chosen a different path, setting new standards for business and technology in the cannabis industry based on old principles, with a long-term commitment to building from the ground up the complete solutions the industry needs.

tom clarkThe CEO of Hytiva commented:

The industry has to go through this phase, excess capital, excess personnel, basically backwards. While many tech companies are laying off employees and closing down, Hytiva is growing and hiring every day. When building a long-term technology business, you’re finding problems to solve, gathering customer feedback, and creating real solutions. This is in stark contrast to the pump-and-dump business model we see today with overvalued VCs.

A suite of technologies and services

Hytiva’s mature portfolio of companies differs from most corporate portfolios, which are typically built through the accumulation of mergers and acquisitions. Each Hytiva® company (including media, technology, delivery services, logistics, production services, etc.) was formed to address the specific needs of the cannabis industry, creating solutions to generate revenue independently and ensuring stability across Hytiva’s and its customers’ entire product portfolios . Each Hytiva company shares a common vision and complementary technologies. As a result, Hytiva offers more tools than any other cannabis technology company, and Hytiva has the ability to tailor its products to support a wide range of uses.

The Hytiva product portfolio includes:

  • Point of Sale – Hytiva’s point of sale spans all points of purchase, including in-store, online ordering, kiosks, and mobile buying endpoints, with robust automation tailored to work seamlessly together for each customer’s operational processes.
  • Mobile App – The Hytiva Mobile App provides all Hytiva customers with the fastest menu and ordering experience available and customized white label deployment. Integration with rewards systems, customer-provided content, and more allows any cannabis company to have its own top-tier app while focusing on branding and customer experience rather than building and contracting developers or other vendors.
  • Content-Rich Consumer Resource – Hytiva.com offers the industry’s largest library of strain photo and video content. This powerful tool educates consumers, provides transparent product information and pricing, and has proven effective in increasing average order value. Hytiva verifies and purchases each strain and does not accept user-generated photos.
  • Consumer Delivery Services – Hytiva provides compliant scheduling and logistics technology for pharmacies to run their own deliveries and Hytiva has deliveries run by Hytiva employee drivers rather than independent contractors.
  • Digital Menu Displays – Hytiva’s digital displays are fully integrated with point of sale data to provide customers with an aesthetically pleasing and accurate in-store experience, 4k Requires 360 degree strain video and next to zero administration.
  • Hardware and Software Automation Technologies – Hytiva integrates with any system to capture data and trigger actions, connecting all Hytiva technologies. Use Hytiva’s embedded devices and hardware to monitor and control devices for printing, display, analytics, notifications, cameras, vehicle telematics, machinery and more.

Hytiva’s Solution to Problem

Hytiva approaches the cannabis industry differently, with a long-term plan to listen, solve problems and build unique solutions for the industry based on its extensive experience in technology and business. Hytiva recognizes that the young cannabis industry needs more than just niche solutions built by modifying existing products in other industries offered by many other cannabis technology companies. Hytiva started with providing consumer information and delivery services, all the while gathering information at levels never before seen in the industry. Hytiva engages with the industry with an open ear, listening on a personal level to cannabis consumers and customers in their day-to-day operations, with the goal of turning their frustrations into real products and restarting the problem/solution cycle once again.

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