Indian hydrogen battery tech to be cheapest in world: minister

Indian hydrogen battery tech will be cheapest in the world: Minister.

India’s hydrogen battery technology will be the cheapest given the low cost of solar energy in the country, said VK Singh, Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways.

Speaking at the National Electric Vehicles Conference organised by Assocham, Singh said the government was supporting the growth of manufacturing of several alternative energy sources.

Hydrogen h2 working

Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways VK Singh said:

We have always been wealthy when it comes to hydrogen batteries… India is gifted because solar prices are the same as India and our hydrogen battery technology will be the cheapest in the market.

Hydrogen can be produced by solar water electrolysis, using solar power or direct solar water splitting.

The minister also said that in the field of electric vehicles, all stakeholders should work together and India has the ability to become a global supplier of electric vehicles

“We have to work hard to develop the ecosystem, nothing can happen in isolation. We have the capability and the electric vehicle market is taking off globally. The sooner we start to realize our capability, the better for us. Be a supplier, not catch up,” he said.

Singh further said:

The government supports the transition to electric vehicles.

“We need to consider the possibility that, for intra-city travel, we can focus on electric vehicles. We need a public transport system that is not only cheaper, but also better and more attractive enough for people to choose it. Long-distance travel on intercity routes is currently limited due to concerns about the availability of range and charging infrastructure.”

In his speech, Prime Minister Adviser Taron Kapoor said India’s energy demand and transportation will grow. He pointed out that the transportation sector accounts for 30-35% of energy consumption, and its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions is about 17%.

Taron KapoorSay:

The penetration rate of renewable energy in the transportation sector is only 1.5-2%.

“In 2021-22, sales of ICE vehicles will be 17.5 million units while EV sales will be 400,000 units. The government is working to strengthen the ecosystem and incentivize the industry through various PLI schemes to achieve end-to-end electric vehicles in the country end manufacturing and value addition,” he said.

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India’s hydrogen battery tech to be world’s cheapest minister, 14 October 2022

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