“It’s a family business” – The Hollywood Reporter

Tom Hanks weighs in on Hollywood’s ongoing debate over nepotism, a man named otto The star sees him and the rest of his entertainment-industry family as creative businesses.

The actor is promoting an upcoming film in which his son Truman will play a younger version of Oscar winner Otto. Hanks’ wife, Rita Wilson, co-wrote and sang an original song for the film, and produced the film with her husband.when speaking Reuters (pass sun) in a video interview shared Wednesday, the actor explained his stance on having his four children — who he says are “very creative” and “all involved in some kind of brand storytelling” — — Work in the same or adjacent industry as him.

“Look, it’s a family business. It’s what we’ve always done. It’s where all our kids grew up,” he said. “If we were a plumbing supply business, or if we were running a florist down the street, the whole family would invest time at some point, even if it was just end-of-year stock.”

Hanks and his first wife had two children — Colin and Elizabeth Hanks — and two others, Chet and Truman, and Wilson. Be it actors, producers, cinematographers or musicians, all are in the business of entertainment to varying degrees. Regardless of their surname, Hank points out, what ultimately matters and speaks loudest to him is the quality of their work.

“No matter what happens, no matter what your last name is, what doesn’t change is whether it works,” he said. “Anytime any of us start trying to tell a new story or create something that has a beginning, a middle and an end, that’s the problem. It doesn’t matter what our last names are. We have to do the work in order to provide the audience with real And a real experience.”

For Hanks, “it’s a lot harder than worrying about whether someone is going to try to hurt us.”

Hanks’ comments followed comments from other entertainment stars, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Kate Hudson, Lily Allen and, most recently, the daughter of prominent journalist Brian Williams Allison Williams.this the girls, M3GAN with go out actress said vulture In interviews published Thursday, she knew she had benefited from nepotism, but it didn’t affect her work. It just “means that rooting for me is less fun.”

“All people are looking for is an acknowledgment that it’s not a level playing field. It’s so unfair. Period, the story ends, and nobody’s really working hard to make it fair,” she continued. “Not acknowledging that I started out as an actor is not the same as someone with zero connections – it’s ridiculous.”

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