Lakeland, Florida shooting: Police say at least 10 injured in targeted drive-by


At least 10 people were injured, two of them in critical condition, in a drive-by shooting in Lakeland, Fla., Monday afternoon, police said.

A dark blue Nissan four-door sedan was parked at the scene of the shooting, Lakeland Police Chief Sam Taylor said.

“The vehicle slowed down, didn’t stop, and all four windows were down. It appeared to be occupied by four shooters inside the vehicle,” Taylor said. “They started firing from all four windows of the vehicle and shot the men in the sides.”

Eight of the victims were not life-threatening, Taylor said at a news conference Monday night. Only three victims, aged between 20 and 35, were transported by emergency management. Others were taken away in private vehicles, he said.

Police believe it was a targeted incident, the official said.

nissan with provisional stickers, The plane took off at high speed and police are “actively looking for that vehicle right now,” Taylor said.

“We’re going to be out most of the night trying to figure out who these guys are in the car,” Taylor said.

Taylor said police were looking for at least four men who may have been wearing face coverings. He urged community members to call with any information they might have that could help the investigation.

Police found a “substantial amount” of marijuana at the scene, which indicated to police that “a narcotics sale or marijuana sale was taking place,” Taylor said. “Whether this is important or relevant is unknown.”

The chief said that in his 34 years with the department, he had never handled a case in which so many people had been shot.

“That’s not something that’s going to happen in Lakeland,” Taylor said.

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