Leviton Introduces New WavePort™ Technology for Continuous Disinfection

New proprietary and patent-pending technology provides controlled disinfection without sacrificing visible light quality

Melville, NY, October 19 January 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leviton today announced the introduction of WavePort™ technology, which enables continuous disinfection without sacrificing visible light quality. This proprietary technology is now available for Certolux MSU-DFX fixtures. Certolux is a lighting brand owned by Leviton.

“WavePort is a game-changer for continuous disinfection lighting as it improves the quality of visible light, especially in healthcare applications,” said Tim Stevens, Director of Product Management at Leviton. “Existing technologies, such as visible light disinfection, compromise white light by highlighting the violet spectrum during occupancy. However, in settings such as operating rooms, the WavePort provides continuous disinfection without degrading the quality of visible light.”

Pure white light is essential for performing challenging tasks and identifying indicators of visual health in healthcare environments such as operating rooms and other clinical applications. Older technology emits a purplish tint, which affects white light, preventing healthcare professionals from accurately performing vision tasks involving color recognition.

Designed with simplicity in mind, fixtures with WavePort are easy to install with no complicated controls or sensors, while giving you the freedom to use your favorite LEDs, drivers and controls. This new technology is ideal for clinical healthcare and laboratory settings. Leviton will offer this proprietary technology in other lamps in the coming months.

“With the introduction of WavePort, customers will no longer have to choose between continuous disinfection and pure white light,” Stevens added. “Compared to other technologies on the market today, such devices provide greater disinfection capabilities while creating a more efficient and cleaner environment for healthcare professionals and patients.”

This is the latest innovation in Leviton’s disinfection lighting products. The new Certolux MSU-DFX luminaire with 365DisInFx™ UVA technology helps disinfect occupied operating rooms. The technology delivers a controlled amount of UVA light to reduce bacteria on operating room surfaces. Using this low-energy invisible light near the visible spectrum is suitable for 24-hour human exposure while significantly reducing bacteria.

To learn more about Leviton’s WavePort technology and Leviton’s other suite of lighting disinfection technologies, visit www.viscor.com/en/wellness-lighting-solutions/waveport

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