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Technology is constantly advancing, new discoveries are being made every day, and the world is constantly advancing. That’s a true statement in today’s world, but as more and more technology consumes our lives, it’s only a matter of time before artificial intelligence takes over.The idea of ​​artificial intelligence taking over the world or simply causing problems has been a common theme in science fiction, most notably terminatorOne could argue that the film could be considered a horror film masquerading as science fiction, but that’s for another day. A new type of threat has emerged this year that is, well, kind of new.that movie is M3GAN. A lifelike doll that thinks, learns and makes rational decisions. But this doll isn’t your typical Chucky doll. M3GAN is a little different.

The film follows the tragic loss of 9-year-old Cady (Violet McGraw), who lost her parents in a devastating car accident. According to her mother’s will, Cardi will live with her aunt Gemma (Alison Williams), who works in robotics and designs these Phoebe-like animals. These toys speak different languages, entertain kids, and even react on the fly, plus they can shit! It’s a lucrative business, and Funki, the company Gemma works for, is costing her life. Even after legally adopting Cady, Gemma wasn’t ready for this new addition to her life.

Cardi is quiet after the death of her parents, obsessed with technology, but no more than Gemma, who lives off her phone and is physically and emotionally away from Cardi. She doesn’t have any toys at home, but there are some collectibles that Gemma is afraid of being touched by anyone. Under the pressure of releasing a new prototype toy to take on the competition, Gemma lacks the skills to raise a child, let alone communicate like a loving family member. This movie takes the time to introduce us to M3GAN (Model 3 Generative Android). She has a real face and has all the latest microchip technology that makes Alexa look like a phone book. When the model is fully constructed, M3GAN displays incredible knowledge, even behaving in ways that make developers suspicious.

M3GAN is well worth a look. In the 2019 reboot of Child’s Play, she doesn’t look as goofy as Chucky did years ago. M3GAN looks like a doll, although she’s four feet tall, wears all kinds of clothes, and has big green eyes that see everything. Her microchip enables her to analyze anything, even facial expressions. New Zealand actress Amie Donald plays M3GAN herself, while Jenna Davis provides the voice. I was very impressed with the skill of the filmmakers in bringing this doll to life. I have to praise Amie Donald’s movements for cooperating with M3GAN, her movements are almost real from a distance. It doesn’t have the classic bulk of animatronics, but M3GAN convinced me that Amie Donald matched the doll’s movements perfectly.

the plot is M3GAN It’s pretty standard stuff. Allison told M3GAN to protect Cady from physical or emotional harm. Hey, she gave the order. M3GAn is just listening. What struck me about this movie were the themes the movie tackled. Social isolation while being consumed by technology, witnessing the breakdown of relationships at the hands of technology, and of course the long-feared reality of artificial intelligence. Despite my apprehensions about the film, especially its PG-13 rating, I didn’t miss the bloody violence or foul language. I got into the vibe of the movie and loved seeing the chemistry between Gemma and Cady. The two characters barely know each other and are separated by technology and self-interest. Gemma is engrossed in her work, while Cardi is obsessed with this prototype doll that Gemma built and designed as a way for the doll to act as a surrogate when the parents are away.

Of course, the movie throws away all the good ideas it’s using to please horror fans with a violent third act, but for most of the movie, I’m drawn to the characters. For what it’s worth, the movie did have a lot of comedy that surprised me. There are some chilling moments, especially when M3GAN helps Cady from a bully. While the film’s characters are selfish, it reminds us that being swallowed up by technology and allowing ourselves to ignore the realities of life can lead to serious problems. I guess the only negative feature of this movie is the violent third act, I really didn’t like seeing Ronny Chieng as Gemma’s boss David. He’s fine, but nothing makes me root for him.

Directed by Gerard Johnstone M3GAN, his visual style is very nice. You’ve probably seen the iconic dance scene, but he makes a good movie, especially in some scenes where lighting is crucial. The screenplay is written by Accra Cooper and James Win, big names in the horror world, and I love their technical scrutiny, especially when it involves children. It’s not a horror movie, but a real suspense movie, and the lack of explicit blood would probably draw more viewers to watch.

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Score 3.5 out of 5

Despite the clichés of the third act, M3GAN is a surprise entry into the horror genre that’s familiar but more fun than a reboot child’s playI love the cast except for Ronny Chieng and seeing this doll come to life. It’s not a perfect movie by any means, but it’s not boring or overly violent. Perhaps while watching this movie, you realize that putting down your phone allows you to see the world right in front of you. M3GAN Definitely has its flaws, but enough for me to recommend you watch it. Just stick to plush toys, even those Chatty Cathy dolls.


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