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Will Intent Data Be Central to Marketers’ Needs in 2023? How will leading brands drive impact through conversational experiences? Learn about the latest marketing technology and marketing highlights, and a quick peek at what experts are predicting for the new year:


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Technologies that provide intent data are also important to marketing programs because they can equip sales teams with more enthusiastic buyers. With this technology, marketers can fine-tune their positioning and go-to-market strategies to reach more valuable customers.

— Liz Carter, Chief Marketing Officer, Reputation

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Sticking with the data, another key digital advertising practice is third-party versus first-party data. While marketers are becoming increasingly comfortable with applying third-party data to their marketing campaigns, first-party data feels still in its early days. I say this because a lot of marketers are still figuring out how to structure their first-party data and how to put together the architecture needed to support that strategy. James Shears, Senior Vice President and General Manager, BLOCKBOARD

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