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Irvine, CA – December 30, 2022 – ( )

Founded in 1982 and located in Irvine, California, Ampronix, LLC is known as an Authorized Master Distributor of the medical industry’s top brands with products sold in more than 154 countries and a world-class manufacturer of innovative technologies. We are pleased to announce Dr. A. Burton Tripathi as Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Tripathi will succeed Aladdin Doroudi who is retiring and has led the company to a strong position in the market through his dedicated leadership over the past 22 years.

About Dr. A. Burton Tripathi

Prior to Ampronix, LLC, Dr. Tripathi is Director of Visualization R&D at Alcon Inc. He directed the strategic planning, conception, development and launch of the next generation of visualization devices – transforming surgical practice with fully digital surgical microscopes.

Before Alcon, Dr. Tripathi is the Chief Executive Officer of TrueVision Systems, Inc.

Dr. Tripathi negotiated and led the $145 million sale and integration of TrueVision Systems to Alcon. In 2018 Dr. Tripathi directed the complex legal and financial transaction to divest TrueVision’s non-ophthalmology business into TrueDigital Surgery. This complex structure provides a win-win solution that preserves jobs and enables Alcon and TrueDigital to maximize shareholder value while continuing to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Prior to taking the helm of TrueVision Systems, Dr. Tripathi served as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Product Development, leading a passionate team of over 50 engineers and support staff dedicated to bringing 3D digital imaging with augmented reality (AR) to Technology introduced the light microscope to revolutionize microsurgery. Dr. Tripathi’s team works to change the face of neurosurgery, ophthalmology and other surgical disciplines by improving surgical precision, enabling new digital applications and inventing new technologies.

Dr. Tripathi holds a Ph.D. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Caltech and a BS in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University.

About Ampronix, LLC

Ampronix was recently awarded the President’s Electronics Award, the highest honor given to US exporters and Orange County, CA Exporter of the Year. Ampronix is ​​proud to represent clients worldwide with its extensive product knowledge, outstanding customer service and talented team of sales professionals dedicated to meeting the growing needs of the medical community. Ampronix has always focused on putting customer satisfaction first, as professionalism is their cornerstone. Since its founding in 1982, Ampronix has been an established member of the Irvine community. Ampronix is ​​a beacon in the community and continually strives to increase its global presence through industry-leading export efforts. With reliability, safety and quality at its core, Ampronix is ​​committed to helping others save lives and create a healthier tomorrow for generations to come.

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