Metropolis Market joins shelf technology movement

Metropolitan Market is the latest supermarket operator to implement digital technology to optimize ordering, inventory management, merchandising and in-store labor use.

In a pilot project with San Francisco, California-based Focal Systems, Metropolitan Market is deploying hundreds of tiny, inexpensive shelf cameras to digitize shelves every hour. The Focal Systems Operating System (FocalOS) uses this data to automate many in-store processes and improve operational efficiency, the companies said. Benefits include accurate just-in-time ordering; replacement of manual daily out-of-stock scans with automated hourly scans; improved product availability for customers by improving the productivity of replenishment staff; and reduced food waste through better product ordering, the companies say .

“In a rapidly evolving world, it’s our responsibility to continue to innovate in order to provide the best possible experience for shoppers in all of our locations,” Metropolitan Market CEO Ron Megahan said in a statement.

Metropolitan Market has nine locations in Washington State, with a 10th planned to open. Good Food Holdings, the holding company for five retail brands (Bristol Farms, Lazy Acres Natural Market, New Seasons Market, New Leaf Community Markets and Metropolitan Market), is known in the industry for its focus on “high touch, high service” retailing. It Great emphasis is placed on enhancing the customer experience by reducing wait times, expanding staff expertise and optimizing in-store operations.

Focal System says it has raised more than $40 million in venture capital funding and claims its technology has delivered a 50-fold return on investment.

“As AI and computer vision become more widely adopted in retail and grocery stores, early adopters like Metropolitan Market will see optimizations and enhancements in both the in-store experience for customers and the back-office for employees, revolutionizing the shopping experience and separating them from the industry. other retailers,” Francois Chaubard, founder and CEO of Focal Systems, said in a statement.

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