Monroe Enterprises clearing debris near Breard St.after storm damage

Monroe, L.A. (KNOE) – The Monroe Company cleared debris around the parking lot after severe weather swept through the area Monday night.

Part of the roof fell to the ground just after 7pm on Monday, January 1. 2, 2023 at Solar and Air Supply on Breard Street.

Rodney Brown, owner and manager of Solar and Air Supply, said he gets notifications of theft every now and then whenever the wind shakes windows and doors. Brown and another team member, Matthew Harris, went to the store to check for a break-in. When they arrived, fire and police forces were on the scene. That’s when they learned that part of the roof had collapsed due to the strong storm.

They removed debris from Brad Street on Monday and waited until Tuesday, Jan. 1, Brown said. 3. Clean up surrounding enterprises in 2023. Inside the company, ceiling tiles had fallen to the floor and much of their stock was soaked by the rain.

Stores remain open while the team recovers. Breard Street is frequented by cars, but there have been no reports of debris hitting vehicles. The City of Monroe told KNOE Tuesday morning that crews were walking around the area to check for any additional damage.

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