Morgan Stanley fines employees for using social media to conduct business

“My first suggestion would be to develop a policy that sets out the expectations of both parties on how it should be used and what is acceptable and what is not,” Wilson Chan, an employment lawyer at Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark LLP Calgary, previously told human resources department. “Part of the problem is that there aren’t many workplaces that have clear policies, and that’s when you might run into problems because the employee might say, ‘Well, you never told me that.'”

Meanwhile, Vancouver-based award-winning writer and editor Stacey McLachlan points out via Hootsuite that employers can always remind employees what data is inappropriate for social media use.

“It never hurts to remind your team that confidential company information is also kept private 24/7,” she says. “Whether it’s private information about colleagues, financial disclosures, upcoming product launches, private communications, R&D intelligence, or other sensitive information, make it clear that all social media platforms respect privacy and confidentiality.”

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