New building technology release: January 2023

Here are five recent announcements from software makers and other technology providers about new products or updates to existing products designed to keep contractors on the job:

electronic take off

eTakeoff, a leading provider of takeoff software for construction estimating, has announced a partnership with artificial intelligence company Togal.AI. The partnership will combine Togal.AI’s innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning technology with eTakeoff Dimension.

The integration will enhance the capabilities of eTakeoff Dimension by automating the estimation process, which is usually handled manually using a scroll wheel and ruler or a computer mouse. However, Total.AI’s algorithms use the AIA measurement criteria to automatically detect, label and measure project spaces, according to the press release.

While Togal.AI offers immediate gains in time savings, accuracy and efficiency, it improves with use, the company said. Its machine learning engine remembers edits and predicts corrections, so items become more tailored to users’ needs.

Electronic module

Contractor’sSafety Platform has announced its latest integration with construction management software provider Procore. The partnership will enable data migration between Procore and eMOD applications to help reduce time spent manually filling out routine documentation, making it easier for users to set up, coordinate and manage security tasks, according to the press release.

Users will be able to pull newly created Procore projects into eMOD without having to recreate the project. They can also submit a pre-task schedule in eMOD and the data will automatically create a Procore daily log within the same project.

Topcon Positioning System

The company announced the launch of 2D-MC, an automatic grade control solution for compact track loaders. The 2D-MC, a two-dimensional machine control system designed to mount directly on selected graded attachments, is now available in North America.

The solution connects directly to the machine’s controls and wireless displays, using rotating laser technology to provide simplified operator visibility. This provides operators with the information they need to achieve target grades more precisely and in less time, the company said, according to the press release.

The 2D-MC system utilizes a laser receiver to work with a rotating laser. If the user is familiar with rotating lasers, no additional tools or training are required to determine the correct grading of the grading attachment, the company said.

Red team software

Construction management software provider RedTeam has announced an integration partnership with cloud ERP company Acumatica. The partnership’s enterprise-wide workflow will connect construction teams across the project by providing real-time access to financial and field information to support data-driven decision-making and optimal operational efficiency, according to the press release.

Through the integration, Acumatica users will have access to RedTeam Flex’s project management capabilities for pre-construction, contracting, scheduling and site management. RedTeam Flex workflow supports enhanced accounting capabilities, including contract compliance, invoice approval, equipment management, and work in process.

air bolt

The company’s enterprise platform is a GPS tracking technology that can support tens of thousands of trackers, locks and access points through a single customizable dashboard.

With a small footprint, AirBolt accurately tracks toolboxes, compressors, generators, vehicles, machines and other expensive jobsite equipment and provides real-time reporting on disturbances and unwanted motion and water detection.

Contractors can track projects using real-time GPS and next-generation cellular connectivity that can be managed and viewed through an app, According to the release.

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