New Detroit yoga and wellness studio aims for inclusivity

These seeds were planted in the area for Welcome Home.

Hazel Park resident Mike Flores, one of the space’s occupants, said yoga classes were the main reason he joined the club.

“Making everyone feel welcome, regardless of skill level, size or status, is a priority,” says Flores, who has practiced yoga since 2018. “I found a new community and inclusive network to connect with. I love the opportunity to practice yoga with a diverse and inclusive group after a long day at the office, or as a way for me and my partner to start our weekend Way.”

Inclusion also required Welcome Home to partner with other Detroit businesses. Throughout the summer, Childers offers outdoor yoga classes at specialty sandwich shop Breadless. The Childerses, who plan to live closer to work, are hosting a Pride-themed 5K run/walk and yoga in Palmer Park in 2022 in support of the People for Palmer Park nonprofit. This year’s competition is scheduled for June 11.

“Runs, scholarships — that’s what we want this business to be. Sure, we want it to make money, but we want it to be more than that,” Robyn Childers said. “Yoga has helped me a lot. We want people to have the opportunity to learn something that can help them in so many ways. Sooner or later, practicing yoga will reveal everything about your health – even breathing exercises can tell if there is a problem.

“Everything about it means a lot to me. I feel like when you run a business it should reflect what you’re passionate about. It’s definitely one of the drivers in our lives — building deep The connection. It’s the root of all healing, and I think it starts with the community.”

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