New Technologies Used at Fall Career Fairs

Photo Scarlett Patton.

After two years of virtual fairs, the Career Center is hosting a fall 2022 internship and job fair at the Sumers Recreation Center. According to Casey Jenkerson, interim associate director of employer relations at the Career Center, the latest fair is bigger than ever, attracting students and companies alike.

“[22%] or [116] The registrants were new employers at this year’s job fair, including companies like Atomic Object, BASF Corporation, Power Systems, Hurona, Huron Consulting, and UnitedHealth Group,” said Jenkerson. “We had over 2,200 students at the fair, a record All-time high. “

In addition to bringing in new business, the Career Center utilizes shake hands, which differentiates the Fall 2022 Career Fair from past career fairs. Information about the company, the employees who will be at the show, and the timing of the event, such as company and graduate program presentations, is posted on Handshake in advance. Many students felt this decision helped them prepare for the fair and gauge which businesses and positions they were interested in.

“Several companies emailed [me] pass [Handshake prior to the fair]if I had that kind of direct connection, I’d talk to them,” junior Rhys Nicholson said.

First-year masters student Dominic Fulginiti also praised Handshake as a new way to find work.

“[Handshake] In addition to LinkedIn and other sites, this gave me another option for finding places. It’s user-friendly and easy to navigate,” Fulginiti said.

Students aren’t the only ones benefiting from the handshake. Companies use the service to connect with students at career fairs and personalize their recruiting process.

“[With Handshake], we’ve added different ways to track people who come in and see us,” said a representative from Total Access Urgent Care. “We can tailor their experience to them and see what their training process will look like. “

The repeated message from companies at the show was the importance of diversity, not only in terms of demographics but also in terms of skill sets. Many companies emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of their work and encourage students of all majors to apply for jobs.

“We are open to people from a variety of backgrounds and ideas,” said a representative for the U.S. Marine Corps.

More Career Center events and employment opportunities can be found on the Handshake website.

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