No country can beat India in digital information technology: TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu

No country can beat India in terms of digital and information technology as the country has the largest number of young people.

Speaking about the Indian School of Business (ISB) 20th anniversary farewell feature, Naidu said, “India will be number one in the global economy… Indians are creators of global wealth… in Of the total number of Indians who have immigrated to different countries for employment or business, 30% of them are Telugus.”

The session was moderated by Dr Pramanth Raj Sinha, Founding President of ISB, with Naidu as the guest of honor. The first batch of ISB members also attended the meeting.

In an interaction with Sinha, Naidu recalled how he turned Gachibowli into a tech hub and how the financial district came to be. Saying that Hyderabad was not initially on the list of cities to set up ISB, he shared with the audience how he managed to set up an ISB campus in the undivided capital of Andhra Pradesh. “I persuaded them to come to Hyderabad, knowing very well that once they come to the city, they cannot refuse to set up an institute here,” Naidu said.

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Even at the recent G-20 preparatory meeting, he said, he emphasized the need to encourage technology. “My vision for 2047 is that Indians will be creators of global wealth, Indians will dominate the global economy and ISB will play an important role in this,” Naidu said.

Insisting that youth is a vital asset for India, he called on entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between rich and poor. “You have to work hard to solve this problem. Otherwise, wealth will be in the hands of a few people, which is not good for society,” he said. Indians are doing very well in all areas, Naidu said, adding that he hopes ISB will be ranked among the top business schools in the world. He said he wanted ISB graduates to be “employers and provide jobs for others”.

Naidu said the Telugu-speaking state is now very developed and most of the entrepreneurs are from the two states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The former Andhra Pradesh chief minister said he wanted Amaravathi to be a better Hyderabad. “It is a new city and Hyderabad is a historical city that was built long ago. We have limited opportunities to develop Hyderabad and I use all these facilities to promote the city globally. Good way to develop because it’s a new city,” he said.

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