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National Research Group (NRG), a global insights leader at the intersection of technology, content and culture, has launched the “Capstone Series,” the first-ever exploration of the markets for culture, content and technology that drive world-leading growth. NRG is part of Stagwell, a network of challengers built to transform marketing. NRG, in partnership with SBI Media, a media agency based in Lagos, Nigeria, part of Stagwell’s global affiliate network, kicks off the series with ‘Explore Nigeria’, the future of technology, culture and entertainment trends shaping the Nigerian landscape perspective.

“Our Capstone series is a research effort that combines a global perspective with on-the-ground perspective and expertise, with a depth we haven’t seen before in emerging markets,” said Chris Rethore, chief strategy officer at NRG. Proven in a first-of-its-kind study, it gives us a nuanced, layered understanding of Nigeria’s changing cultural landscape – showing us what moves Nigerians and how their identities affect their consumption behaviour , and what can be done to better serve these passionate consumers. We hope that media, entertainment and technology companies will find value and actionable intelligence in this and future research to help shape frontier markets for years to come decision.”

Anas Ghazi, Chief Strategy Officer at Stagwell, said: “This research would not have been possible without the partnerships we have built through Stagwell’s global affiliate network, which now has nearly 80 partners.” “Partners like SBI Media accelerate our global research, investigation and insight capabilities at Stagwell, adding real-world knowledge of local markets around the world.”

“We are delighted to be working with NRG’s innovation team on this landmark project – the first of its kind in the Nigeria and Sub-Saharan African markets,” said Rotimi Bankole, CEO of SBI Media Group. “We believe the findings from the NRG Capstone series will provide unknown insights for brands, artists, creatives and larger stakeholders in the entertainment and content industries to decipher, discover and capitalize on engagement opportunities in the marketplace.”

Explore Nigeria

Exploring Nigeria builds on a robust survey of 5,000 in-market consumers, augmented with expert views from academics, industry insiders and face-to-face consumer interviews, providing a broad understanding of the cultural pillars that drive the country and its people. The study delves into 10 key thematic areas of consumer habits and attitudes in Nigeria today, including the importance of mobile, the rollout of 5G, the creator economy, content consumption, streaming services, audio and gaming as a growth vertical, social The power of the media, the future of money, and more.

Key takeaways include:

  • Mobile is the gateway to connectivity. Mobility is the bet for streaming, with 78% stating it’s important that streaming services work well on mobile devices. More than half (55%) of movie/TV consumption comes from smartphones, with lower ratings on laptops, smart TVs, tablets and desktop devices. Smartphones are also the main way of gaming (83%).
  • 81% of Nigerian consumers say 5G will ‘make my country better’As internet connection quality is seen as the biggest technical issue in the market, nearly 70% are aware of the upcoming 5G rollout, and its main benefit is seen as increased speed (74%).
  • YouTube leads top streaming services 82% of respondents use it weekly and 40% use it multiple times a day. On a daily basis alone, 64% use it more often than other services such as Netflix (46%), Prime Video (25%) and AREWA24 (44%), the Hausa language channel. Among the general top five daily activities, 66% said they watch short-form online videos.
  • Nigerians want Nigerian content that positively reflects their culture and values. 60% of the top five traits that make a film or TV feel most authentic said that the character should display Nigerian values ​​(eg, family/community work ethic, integrity) and should portray a positive image of Nigeria to the outside world (52%).
  • …but Hollywood is still the main source of entertainment. U.S. content has the largest share of movie viewing (75% of Nigerian consumers have watched a Hollywood movie in the past 6 months), while U.S. TV is closely followed by Nigerian-produced TV (61% vs. 68%). English-language content from other non-US markets is also attractive. Where other countries are thriving with local content, streamers can feature English-focused titles in abundance from their global catalogs – 80% say they prefer watching English-language content the most.
  • Audio is ready for reorganization. Music streaming has yet to really take off in Nigeria due to limited internet connectivity – only 49% of people stream music via streaming services. Nigerian consumers are more likely to rely on downloads and backpacking content.
  • Big tech = big impact. Tech companies, including social media companies, have a “huge” influence on Nigerian culture (64%), second only to religious institutions (73%).
  • Finance-related technologies that can directly benefit Nigerians Inspire their desire to succeed professionally, learn and grow, and earn money. More than half of respondents said they know and understand cryptocurrencies (90%), mobile wallets (85%), artificial intelligence (78%), 5G (76%), blockchain (71%), virtual reality (65%) %) and NFTs (59%).

NRG’s planned series of upcoming Capstone reports include Indonesia (Q4 2022), Argentina (Q1 2023) and Turkey (Q2 2023).

Research methods

The NRG conducted an online survey of a nationally representative 5,000 Nigerian consumers aged 16-64 between June 19, 2022 and July 4, 2022. Quantitative fieldwork is enhanced by integrating expert interviews with academic and business leaders within the market and in-depth virtual interviews with Nigerian consumers.

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