Oak Ridge Intensive Technology and Training Center; TAT School, Tomorrow

D. Ray Smith

This two-part “Historically Speaking” series takes a look at Oak Ridge’s newest intensive training facility, explores the history of such training in the city from after the Manhattan Project to today, and briefly looks at Oak Ridge’s future.

Oak Ridge Augmented Technology and Training Center.

It was prepared with the help of Y-12 National Security Center staff and includes photos from their archives.

Another important milestone was reached on January 1st. On the 9th, with the official opening of the new Oak Ridge Augmented Technology and Training Center (ORETTC) at the Y-12 National Security Center. For nearly 80 years, Oak Ridge has been home to numerous training programs and facilities that shaped the course of world history—the birth of the U.S. Nuclear Navy, cancer treatment, and the creation of the NNSA National Prototyping Center.

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