Offered Announces First AI- and Technology-Driven Multifamily Brokerage

Transformation will help multifamily investment firms deploy and harvest capital more efficiently.

Austin, Texas, January 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Offerd announces its expansion from an acquisitions and analytics firm in the multifamily housing space to a fully digital, technology-driven multifamily transaction platform. Our full suite of acquisitions, dispositions and advisory services is brokerage reimagined for efficient deployment of capital.

“The multifamily housing industry has long needed to evolve from a decentralized and niche brokerage business focused primarily on sales. Instead, we need an integrated approach using technology to support multifamily residential investment groups,” said Offerd CEO. all needs.” Travis Faris“You can’t separate one part of the business (such as an acquisition) from all the other parts and expect to meet the balancing needs of investors.”

Offered can now help multifamily investment groups develop acquisition and disposition strategies, and help plan, structure and execute a project’s capital stack. This one-stop approach to multifamily real estate is unique in the industry and allows Offerd to participate in the entire lifecycle of a multifamily transaction, building deep connections with sponsors on our platform.

“Using our proprietary technology platform and in-depth data on all 26,000 ownership groups in the country, as well as extensive data on the local market, we can target the most likely counterparty for your transaction, whether it is the buyer of your asset and Identify the market for them, or the seller and approach them on your behalf,” says Greg CooperPresident of Provide Brokerage Services.

Offerd also announced its partnership program. Companies regularly discover assets that are too large for certain partners on our platform but are interested in acquiring them. We now have a mutual GP program where we match partners who share the economics and risks together.

We will be attending the National Multifamily Housing Council Annual Meeting las vegas devout January 31 – February 2, 2023we look forward to meeting with potential clients.

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Offered integrates powerful technology, data intelligence and custom services into an innovative comprehensive multifamily trading platform featuring extensive data sets, a visually rich and intuitive environment, private marketplaces and expert advisory advice.Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Offerd’s AI-powered system helps multifamily professionals implement their strategies more effectively and efficiently; grow capital stacks; and research, identify, and negotiate multifamily property transactions. Offered works with larger, qualified, respected, active multi-family investment firms across the country as an extension of their strategic teams.

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