ONYX Systems, LLC Announces Propane Engine Technology Expansion Roadmap on National Propane Day, October 7, 2022.

Huntersville, NC, October 10 October 2022 /PR Newswire/ –Open October 7th In 2022, ONYX celebrates National Propane Day, October 7thby announcing a roadmap of their engine technology expansion plans.

ONYX is a supplier of propane engines for industrial, lawn and garden, and transportation equipment. “Propane engine powered equipment is a near zero emission, clean, environmentally friendly, efficient, reliable and affordable equipment bridge technology Between today’s gasoline- and diesel-powered industrial equipment and a fully electrified zero-emission future,” explained Stuart Proctor, Vice President of Marketing at ONYX. “With no loss in horsepower compared to traditional high-carbon fuel sources, and propane being about 35 percent cheaper than gasoline, propane is an affordable option.”

Propane is already one of the cleanest energy sources available. Using propane produces 43% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than using the same amount of electricity from the U.S. grid. The low carbon intensity of propane is why it is a clean alternative fuel approved by the federal Clean Air Act.

ONYX propane engines are fully EPA and CARB certified, with emissions certification results well below EPA and CARB limits. “Our 603cc engine is a great example of the clean operation of our propane engine technology. The engine is certified to emit 6.73g/kW-h of carbon monoxide (CO) compared to the EPA limit of 610g/kW-h, two An order of magnitude below the EPA limit, our certified emissions of ‘black carbon’ hydrocarbons plus nitrous oxide (HP + NOx) are 56% lower than the EPA limit.”

“Our engines run very pure and clean. They are an excellent sustainable option for users who still need the high torque and power output offered by traditional combustion engines,” adds Proctor.

ONYX plans to expand its portfolio of EPA-certified propane engines by adding the following engines to its lineup:

  • 302cc horizontal engine
  • 452cc vertical engine
  • 459cc horizontal engine
  • 764/678cc horizontal engine
  • 999cc horizontal engine
  • 999cc vertical engine

For a cleaner energy future, propane-powered industrial equipment can help accelerate decarbonization.Both propane and renewable propane are produced in large quantities here U.S.for the US market.

Propane is a low-carbon alternative fuel with the versatility to power a variety of internal combustion engine applications.

Additionally, the use of propane-powered construction equipment can help reduce emissions from the construction process. Propane small engine job site applications can reduce carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%.

Stuart Proctor
Vice President of Marketing
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