Parents believe that technology is the future of learning, which is why most of them rely on technology to educate their children / Digital Information World

This is a world full of technology, and even parents cannot raise their children without technology. A survey of 2,000 parents in the US proved that parents of children ages 3 to 7 use technology to teach their children before enrolling them in formal educational institutions. But there are also 26 percent of parents who don’t use either technology. 60% of parents say they believe learning through technology is the only way for their children to progress with the world. While some parents don’t like using technology, 82% say they want to learn about it at a young age.

The survey was conducted by One Poll on behalf of Duolingo ABC, a learning app for kids where technology has proven to be the best way to learn. The survey concluded that 71% of parents already use technology applications to help their children learn. Seventy-four percent said they believed technology could help children learn a lot, making parenting less stressful. 79% of parents in the survey said that by using technology, they have allowed their children to learn something new, such as a language or a new hobby. That’s why 64% of children use technology for creative learning. 67% of children also use technology to communicate with family and friends. In this way, they can learn to socialize online.

And it’s not just because technology can do more for parents, like schedule tasks for kids. By using technology, parents can schedule different activities for their children, such as sports or meal times. Millennials are also learning about the use of technology because they believe technology must be used in conjunction with other activities to live in this world. Many parents are familiarizing themselves with technology and want to learn it for their children. 63% of parents are still struggling to understand the technology, and 69% of those parents are teaching their kids how to use it.

Many parents are also learning how to make their children learn more effectively. 39% of parents believe they would be willing to learn more about technology based on the recommendation of their child’s teacher and the success of their peers. That said, 81% of parents firmly believe that technology is indeed the future of education and that you must learn it if you want to survive in this world.

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