Postgame 5: Flyers take care of business in Buffalo, 4-0

The Flyers have reached the statistical midpoint for the 2022-23 season. The team marked 16-18-7 at the halfway mark.

After a disappointing 6-2 home ice loss to Toronto on Sunday, the Flyers could hardly have responded better in Buffalo on Monday.

For the first time all season, the Flyers scored three goals in the first quarter.In a dominant opening stanza, the stats were in Zach McEwan (4), Joel Faraby (9) and Noah Cates (5) Established a 3-0 lead. Travis Cornini With two assists in the period, Farabi contributed an assist and his goal.

The second quarter was scoreless. The Flyers took control of the game early on, but the Sabers began to take over, with the number of plays and the danger of chances mounting.

At the start of the third quarter, the Flyers took a 4-0 lead. wade allison (No. 5) Score in a confrontational game in the offensive zone.

Samuel Essen, in his fifth career NHL start, faced and blocked 28 shots to make it 4-0-0. He was particularly strong in the second quarter. Veteran Craig Anderson made 34 saves on 38 shots to take the toll on Buffalo.

The Flyers won 0-3 in the power game. The Sabers led 0-1 and didn’t get a chance to make a strong play until late in the game.

flyers left winger james van rimsdyke Wearing it for the 900th NHL regular season game of his career. He got a scoring opportunity on a drive deflection at 15:16 ice time.

flyers starting lineup

86 Joel Farabi- 49 Noah Cates- 11 Travis Connini
25 James Van Riemsdyke – 48 Morgan Frost – 74 Owen Tippett
13 Kevin Hayes – twenty one Scott Lawton – 57 Wade Allison
44 Nicolas Delaurier – 38 patrick brown – 17 Zach McEwan

9 Ivan Provorov – 45 Cam York
6 Travis Sonheim – 77 Tony DiAngelo
twenty four Nick Schiller – 55 Rasmus Ristolainen

33 Samuel Erson
[79 Carter Hart]

turning point

Philly got off to a fast start, building up their early starts from the get-go. A catch from the fourth line (for the second straight game) got Philly to start the run. They never looked back.

Meltzer’s mission

1) The Flyers had their first scoring opportunity of the game and scored the first goal. For the second game in a row. Philadelphia’s fourth line scored a goal. Brown scooped a puck behind the net and centered it. MacEwen won the front fight and passed Anderson to end a 27-run goalless drought. Deslauriers had a second assist at 2:04.

The Flyers hit the first three goals of the game. Sonnheim added the icing on the cake at 4:25. Lawton won the ensuing duel. Allison played well on the ice and Hayes got his chance from left. At 5 minutes and 56 seconds, Cates continued to attack and then shot the puck into the net. Shots are now 6-0 Flyers.

The Flyers got their first power play of the game at 6:04. Peyton Krebs caught Lawton behind the Flyers net. The Flyers made it 2-on-1, with Dylan Cozens taking a shot and Erson putting on the glove. York was blocked on a field goal attempt as the free throw period expired. After leaving the restricted area, Krebs galloped away. Ersson made a save before stopping Zemgus Girgensons at close range in the same shift.

Tippett exploded with speed in the chip chase and drove a sharp shot over the net. The Sabers’ Thompson had a great chance at 11:44 in the duel. Ersson reacted quickly and stopped. With 6:40 left, Catews was drawing to a close.

At 13:31, after the puck jumped and bounced in the middle zone, Faraby jumped on it after the ball flashed past the defender. From the right circle above the hash mark, he took a quick shot that knocked Anderson to the side of the block and gave Philadelphia a 2-0 lead. Sanheim and Konini received assists. Konic extended his winning streak to nine straight.

Cates’ relentless frontcourt work created the ultimate turnover and scoring opportunity for Konecny. Cates then hit the rebound at 14:57. Farabi got the second assist.

Ristolainen uses Saber in the defensive zone to get the puck off the puck and fly it onto the ice. He backhanded the ball to Tippett, who saw it wide open. Tippett shoots the puck over the net. With about two minutes left in the quarter, Konitzny had a chance to score but was blocked by a hash mark. With 1 minute and 17 seconds left, Hayes nearly scored with a sharp corner shot. A battle ensues. The puck eventually crossed the line, but was immediately waved away.

2) Ersson had only 5 field goals in the first quarter (Flyers 16-5, 27-9), but 4 of them were Testers. On the other side of the ice, Anderson was under siege. Buffalo struggled against the Flyers preflight and often landed on the wrong side of the puck. Scoring chances are 15-7 for the Flyers, with a 9-2 high-risk chance advantage. The Sabers were charged with three giveaways – all in the danger zone – and the Flyers were officially credited with two takeaways, but could have won more credit. All in all, it was a solid first quarter for Philly, with Ersson in charge of the rest of the opening.

3) Only 11 seconds into the opening of the second quarter, Konecci made a fake shot and passed the ball to Farabi. Anderson made a save. There were some tense moments after Tippett’s error, but Essen stepped forward. The second unit restores the pressure. Step onto the ice to change lanes. Frost had a wide pass in the middle and he was hooked by Mathias Samuelsson in the 57th second.

This time, the Flyers produced a crisp, power-playing puck that ended with Frost putting the puck in front of the net and JVR knocking it off the doorstep. Anderson stopped in his tracks. The second team also put pressure, but failed to extend their lead.

The Flyers were caught on a line change, but York broke Tyson Yost in a rush. A few shifts later, Yost had three scoring chances in the same shift. Team Frost got stuck on an extra-long shift with D’Angelo on the ice for three minutes.

At 12:40, Earlson stepped up again, moving to rob Alex Stucci after Cornini and others were caught on the wrong side of the puck. Shortly thereafter, Casey Mittelstadt got his chance at home. The second-period shooting is now 10-8 for the Sabers after Philadelphia took an early advantage.

The Sabers continued to limit the Flyers at their own ends. With 3 minutes and 18 seconds left in the second quarter, Olofsen’s shot was blocked in the air by Essen’s glove. With Yost offside, the Sabers’ developing dangerous sprint came to an end. On the other end, Ristolainen played well with the offense.

Hayes’ giveaway led to some anxious moments. Cates took a puck from Thompson to end the threat at the end of the shift.

4) The second quarter ended in a 13-13 tie, but there was about 8 minutes between the Flyers’ strong start and a fairly smooth finish in which Buffalo completely took over the game. In this part of the period, Earlson is excellent. The shots were 24-20 Flyers. The scoring chances are 9-7 for the Sabers, with a 6-4 high-risk advantage over Buffalo. The Flyers committed some overtaking offenses during this period; passing the open looked like it would cause additional errors. Notably, on the positive side, Frost made two strong counter-attacks and also helped Essen near the net by knocking an aerial puck out of the slot.

5) The Flyers lost their opener in the third quarter, then Cates put the icing on the cake with 20 seconds left. The Sabers took control and Jeff Skinner hit the post.
After the opening minute, Sonnheim stopped a pass attempt and kicked the ball out of the box to allow a line change.

At 1:51, the Sabers put the ball on the ice. Lawton won the face-off on the left circle, and the Flyers went online with Alison immediately. Hayes passed the ball to him and Alison scored from behind the goal at 1:56.

Ersson sharply blocked a pick-and-roll that Sanheim accidentally deflected on his own net, followed by a follow-up attempt by Thompson.

Cornini beat Faraby with a bank pass. Anderson made the save with a wide free throw on Kale Clague at 7:24. After the Flyers fielded two defenders to PP2 out in a power play of two units, Tippett shot into the net from the left circle.

The team swapped several icings. With 6:59 left in the game, Earlsen made a save on Yost’s shoulder.

At 6:30 after the game ended, there was a post-whistle scuffle at the Flyers’ net. Dahlin, Konecny ​​and Sanheim took rough penalties to give the Sabers their first power play of the game.

Provorov won a fight and cleared the puck off the ice early in the kill. Lawton interrupted the rush and forced Buffalo offside into the PK with 25 seconds left. Brown won the next tie and the Flyers won. Finally, Buffalo was formed. Seeler was stung by the puck on Cozens’ shot and staggered, but stayed on the ice. Flyer completed the strong kill. Back at 5-on-5, Ersson saved Jacob Bryson from the top of the left circle.

All things considered, the Flyers put up a great finisher in the third quarter after Ersson was often tested in the middle quarter. The third period shot was 10-9 Buffalo (17-13 Sabers shot attempts). The scoring chances were 9-4 for the Sabers, but importantly, the high-risk chances were 3-3, with Philly putting the only scoring chance of the period on the cash register.

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