Rider business students return to Oxford for ‘moon landing’ conference

At the Moonshots conference, he was able to discuss the idea with attendees who, he said, were gracious to their time and insight, which helped him understand that perfection is often the enemy of the good when it comes to bringing products to market.

“I understand the importance of this opportunity and I want to make the most of it,” Fernandez said. “Entrepreneurs were warm and receptive, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that we were talking together like old friends.”

Not only did Fernandez and other students benefit from exposure to conference participants; various people related to Rider were also present. Rider President Dr. Gregory G. Dell’Omo with Dr. Ron Cook, Professor; Lisa Teach, Adjunct Professor, former Director of the Rider Center for Entrepreneurship Research; Liz Carrion, Executive Assistant to the Dean; and Stephen Gerrard ’84, Writer and entrepreneur, and Rider’s Giants Born program ambassador, who gave a gift to help students pay for their participation.

Oxford is a familiar destination for Rider students. Over the years, Rider has partnered with St. to deliver two residential projects. Stephen’s House, the permanent private hall of the University of Oxford.

In addition to the Moonshots conference (previously advertised to students as Oxford’s innovative intensive course), the Oxford Choir Academy is also regularly offered to Rider students, mainly those of the Westminster Choir Academy. The program began with a musical collaboration between composer Ph.D. James Whitburn of Oxford University and Ph.D. James Jordan, Cavaliers Conductor Professor. It has resulted in the publication of acclaimed performances, scholarly manuscripts, books and choral works, and Grammy-nominated recordings.

Now that she’s back from Oxford and accepted a job offer nine months before graduation, Wong is taking classes in a different way. “I’m thinking about how to apply what I’ve learned in class directly to my work,” she said. “It changed my opinion.”

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