Ron Klein expected to step down as Biden’s White House chief of staff

“Finding a successor with all these skills is not easy and probably impossible,” she said. Day Pass said. “They will be running a re-election campaign, which also adds to Ron’s value because he has campaign experience and political skills. In addition, the chief of staff’s experience on Capitol Hill may come in handy when facing a divided government. “

During his presidency, Donald J. Trump has served as his third chief of staff and third national security adviser, and has lost more than half of his original 15 cabinet secretaries. In contrast, Mr. has neither. Members of Biden’s statutory cabinet have left. Indeed, even Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen, who some speculate might resign after the midterm elections, recently told Trump. Biden said she would stay.

Mrs. Mister has settled it properly. In the first two years, the turnover rate of Biden’s most important positions was 40%, which was far lower than the 66% turnover rate during the same period during Trump’s administration. Trump, though higher than other recent presidents such as Barack Obama, had an approval rating of just 24 percent in his first two years.

Still, few of those who leave are at the highest levels or part of the president’s inner circle, which remains largely intact. gentlemen. Biden’s overall turnover rate is higher than it would otherwise be, in part due to turmoil in Vice President Kamala Harris’ office, with staff coming and going more frequently.

Other departures are expected, possibly after the president’s State of the Union address scheduled for Feb. 8. 7. Brian Diess, the president’s national economic adviser, is expected to leave later this year, while Cecilia Laws is expected to resign as chair of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers to return to Princeton.

gentlemen. Kline, 61, who grew up in Indiana and graduated from Georgetown University with a law degree from Harvard University, has served under three presidents and has brought more to his job than any of his predecessors White House experience. He was assistant counsel to President Bill Clinton, adviser to Attorney General Janet Reno, and then chief of staff to Vice President Al Gore. Mr. Al Gore, the man at the heart of Mr. Gore’s futile fight to win Florida’s recount in 2000, Mr. Crane was later played by Kevin Spacey in the 2008 HBO film “Retelling.”

gentlemen. Klein also worked for Mr. Biden’s Senate office and served as Mr. Biden was the vice president’s chief of staff before becoming Mr. Biden. Obama’s Ebola response coordinator. All told, he served under nine former White House chiefs of staff. “I’ve worked for the White House chief of staff more than any other White House chief of staff,” Mr. Klein once bragged.

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