Samsung develops Lifelike Pixels display technology

At this point, it’s no secret When it comes to display technology, Samsung is one of the world leaders. The South Korean tech giant has historically produced devices with great panels and keeps supplying them to other manufacturers.

It’s no surprise, then, that the company recently contributed to a project called Pixels Come to Life. This information is first provided by Galaxy Club, subsequently covered by Sammobile A dedicated article.

While there are few details on what exactly the Lifelike Pixels trademark stands for, we do know that the technology will be used in OLED display panels for a variety of devices — including smartphones, tablets, and most interestingly, VR and AR headsets.

Lifelike Pixels may also be available in Samsung launched the Galaxy S23 because the technology could work in the company’s latest flagship series.For reference, Samsung is launching its latest line of high-end smartphones February 1, 2023, with Reservations are already in progress.

Still, it’s more likely that the Lifelike Pixels trademark will be part of an upcoming Samsung device. Given the looming financial woes, the South Korean tech giant is more determined than ever to up its smartphone game — especially in the premium and ultra-premium segment.

Displays have historically been Samsung’s strong suit, so it would make sense for the company to go further with this particular selling point.Is this enough for Samsung to stand up to Apple, remains to be seen.

Still, Lifelike Pixels are just one of many display technologies Samsung is working on.The company also applied for a trademark for The Hybrid Flex technology shown at CES 2023 earlier this month.

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