Schneider Electric Unveils Next-Generation Industrial Technology, Empowering Workers and Helping Sustain Industries

  • Software innovations in Schneider Electric’s industrial automation business enable more sustainable industrial operations
  • Enhanced human-centric solutions, including new collaborative robots in the Lexium family and EcoStruxure automation experts, announced at annual customer event

Rui Malmaison, France, October 12 December 2022 /PRNewswire/—— Schneider ElectricAs a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, the industry is being called on today to go beyond output and adopt a model that can help tackle the climate and energy crises.

Speaking at the Innovation Summit World Tour 2022, Schneider Electric’s annual flagship series of customer and partner events, company executives emphasized that traditional approaches to industrial development are not designed to address climate change, the current energy crisis, market and supply disruptions challenges cascading volatility and deep socioeconomic tensions.

“To continue our net zero journey, we must integrate sustainability, circularity, resilience and quality of life into every step of industrial decision-making,” said Barbara FreyExecutive Vice President of Industrial Automation at Schneider Electric. “Digitalization, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and automation drive growth, but it must also benefit society, decarbonize and protect our planet’s limited resources. Industry needs to embrace next-generation technologies, where every innovation empowers workers and drives Societal progress, improved well-being, and economic growth in a sustainable manner.”

Schneider Electric’s industrial automation business used its 2022 customer event to launch several new products focused on improving engineering efficiency and addressing the challenges of worker shortages. These enable the modern industrial workforce to work more efficiently, reduce commissioning time, extend machine life and efficiency, and reduce energy usage.

Advancing software-centric automation

EcoStruxure Automation Expert 22.1, the latest version of the world’s first software-centric industrial automation system, further integrates with the AVEVA system platform, so users can design graphics using the operations management interface and access AVEVA’s rich Asset library. Designing AVEVA graphics and control applications in the same environment reduces engineering effort by nearly 50%, minimizes training time, and eliminates quality issues.

The new version of EcoStruxure Automation Expert now integrates the Modicon M262d, providing a cost-effective controller for discrete manufacturing with greater computing power, now combined with the EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin to improve engineering and operational efficiency and enhance physical and digital Continuity of the world.

EcoStruxure Automation Expert’s HMIs can now be deployed to Linux system PCs, offering users a wider range of hardware and form factors depending on their use case and budget. Since EcoStruxure Automation Expert’s SoftdPAC controllers already support Linux, users can now easily configure control applications and HMIs on the same hardware.

Gain a deeper understanding and integration of power and process automation

EcoStruxure Power and Process further leverages AVEVA Unified Operations Center, the industrial collaboration interface connecting operations, information and engineering technologies, to provide enterprise-wide visibility, reduce energy consumption and unplanned downtime, and increase profitability.

EcoStruxure Power and Process is now integrated with the ETAP energy management software solution for designing, operating and automating power systems. This combination of technologies enhances analog capabilities as process changes can be run digitally without physical changes to pinpoint potential efficiencies and provides recovery benefits so that protocols for power outages or unstable conditions can be programmed into the system .

New collaborative robots in the Lexium family enable simplicity and productivity

Schneider Electric’s new Lexium line of collaborative robots is part of an advanced robotic system that helps workers perform heavy, repetitive and complex tasks. Collaborative robots are easy to implement into existing industrial environments and improve workforce empowerment and safety. It can accurately perform high-tech tasks, lift objects weighing up to 18 kg, and work side by side with people on the production line. Users can intuitively program and operate the cobot through an Android app.

Delivering a more resilient and sustainable power world

With sustainability at its core, to celebrate and support initiatives around the world, Schneider also announced its Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Award, which honors the critical role customers and suppliers play in delivering a more resilient and sustainable world.understand this Our successful partners and suppliers The program, which will set a precedent for others to follow in their footsteps, hopes to make a significant impact through thoughtful sustainable and effective practices.Nominations are now open, submission deadline is November 25.

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