Secureworks Shifts Becomes Partner for Taegis Business in North America

Secureworks should roll out partner-first globally in early 2023.

Secureworks has launched its partner-first strategy in North America, and all new Taegis business will be sold with partners beginning December 1st. 1.

The partner-first strategy is The Next Step in the Evolution of the Secureworks Global Partner Program. This This strategy is expected to accelerate Secureworks’ market share.It also marks a milestone Secureworks transitions from MSSP to a network security provider with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) products through Taegis Cloud native platform.

In Secureworks Q2 FY23, more than 75% of new Taegis business was with partners.Next Partners Priority Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy phase will focus on investing in the best strategic partners Designed to achieve Secureworks growth plans.

Secureworks should roll out partners globally first Early 2023.

Partners are critical to Secureworks’ business

Chris Bell of Secureworks

Chris Bell of Secureworks

Chris Bell is Secureworks’ Vice President of Strategy, Corporate Development and Strategic Alliances.

Since we first launched the Taegis XDR platform, we have known that partners are critical to our business,” he said. “Since launching our global partner program in May 2020, our vision has been to be a partner-first company . “

Partner first is the natural evolution and next phase of Secureworks’ GTM strategy, Bell said. It will expand the adoption of Taegis XDR and ensure customers can work with trusted advisors in the partner community.

Over the past year, Secureworks has seen significant growth and sales traction through the channel, Bell said.

“The accelerated growth of Taegis XDR, combined with the growth of our channel business, means we know now is the right time to become a partner-first organization,” he said. “For partners, working with a channel-focused organization can help them deliver better outcomes for their customers and create long-term profits for their own business with dedicated resources and GTM support. “

A “force multiplier” for Taegis partners

Secureworks expects Taegis to be a force multiplier for its partner business, as Taegis has experienced triple-digit growth each year, Bell said.

Secureworks believes that moving to channel first will give its partners a “significant” competitive advantage, Bell said.

“They will be at the forefront of selling industry-leading MDR and XDR products that are growing significantly faster than the market,” he said. “We designed the program to help our partners maximize their bottom line, which we believe is above industry norms. As a leader in cybersecurity, we will continue to provide our partners with the knowledge and experience of our adversaries so we can GTM and win together. “

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