Springfield business owners donate funds to grieving families

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Resolution less than 48 hours since our “Inquiry On Your Side” aired. Eight months ago, the grieving Springfield family finally got a donation from the fundraiser.

On Monday night we introduced you to Tim Huynh and Nancy Nguyen. Their three-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, tragically drowned. In May, shortly after her death, Thai Express held a fundraiser. Weeks later, the family tried to contact restaurateur Patrick Knight. Then the lawyers tried, but they never got the money. Shortly after our story aired, a check arrived in the mail.

“I’m still sad that it took so long,” said Thai Express owner Patrick Nett. “It shouldn’t have taken this long.”

Nett said the $1,849.51 check was raised the week of May 16. That’s the promise he made online in memory of Mackenzie.

The couple told On Your Side they didn’t want the money, just an explanation. Their attorney, Nate Dunville, sent two letters to Nett, but never received a formal response.

“Once the story aired, the reaction was immediate,” Dunville said. “You could see the real urgency to address this issue and suddenly get in touch with the family.”

Checks are made out to the Lost and Found Center. The family accepted Nate’s apology.

“Obviously, nothing can make this family whole because of what they’ve been through. Hopefully that’s something everyone can learn going forward,” Dunville said.

“Everyone had a lot of faith and trust in me. I feel like a lot of them probably started to doubt me after this story. I just appreciate that most of them were willing to give me the chance to correct it,” Nate said.

You may remember our story of Nett collecting donations using his personal Paypal and CashApp. Nate said he is working with his accountant to ensure future fundraising events are “well organized.”

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